Written by aladinsane4u

23 Sep 2009

It has been a long time since myself & K ( my wife ) have had any adventures, anyway we were having building work done on our home

The garden was suppose to be getting landscaped but the weather had been terrible it had taken over 3 weeks just to dig back and half build a retaning wall, so the builders went onto other jobs, in between they kept calling back now and then to do the odd job inside.

Getting back to the story K had not been herself over the last 8 months or so hardly had a fuck never mind any adventures never the less we decided to get the work done instead of having a holiday abroad

In the first week it was all go the builder and his 2 mates were going good guns hardly stopping for a break when it started to piss down K made them tea / coffee etc as you would in the second week I took a day off work so I could keep an eye on the building material delivery's

It was one of the nicest days weather wise.

The 3 guys turned up working away in shorts I noticed one of the guys kept smiling at K and they were teasing one another which was fine by me, about 11am I was inside catching up on my paper work I noticed K taking drinks to the guys she was wearing her shorts and a low cut v necked shirt her ample tits were protruding over the top of it, as I sat there the guys eyes were glued to her tits especially paul the guy she was always chatting to as she returned inside I could hear the guys on about K's tits and her arse.

That evening K was sitting watching tv and I mentioned what the guys had been saying about her in fact as I mentioned it her ears pricked up really she said, I said especially that paul guy I think he has a fancy for you anyway off to bed she went when I went to bed she was horny as hell and as I lent over to feel her fanny her vibrator was next to her caught her wanking herself didn't i.

As I started to finger her wet fanny and rub her clit I said wouldn't you fancy them fucking you she said in a hesitant voice they wouldn't fancy me I'm a lot older than them I said it has not stopped you in the past, anyway I fucked the arse off her.

The next morning off I went to work as usual it was raining K called me about 9 to say the builders were going onto another job later that day I was passing home and decided to call in as I drove into the street I saw the builders van parked outside the house not thinking anything of it I walked to the door it was locked so I went around the back and couldn't see anyone around as I walked into the garage I could hear K talking to someone in the kitchen the tone of her voice seemed strange so I hung back listening then a guy spoke saying how he could arrange to do a few of the jobs when it was raining K laughed and said so whats that going to cost me then he then said just a blow job she laughed again and said is that all so whens your hubby due in then he said well not until around 5pm why just thought I could do a job or two now for you, well your shower needs putting up that's will take me an hour or so and then whatever else you need doing quickly, why are you a fast worker said K they both laughted and he said well it depends on what time your hubbys due in K laughed and then it went quiet I opened the door into the utility room quietly I could hear them going upstairs then K saying you don't have many tools to do the shower do you just then his mobile rang I could hear him say I'm stuck on this job for another hour or so then K you'd better hurry the shower up then he said I didn't mean the shower job it went quiet then there was a loud thud he must have had her against the door as it was thudding every now and then K said you don't deserve a blow job you have 'nt finished the job yet just then I saw her leading him to the bedroom it was paul the builder she flirted with I could hear her moaning as he obviously sucked her tits and played with her fanny then all you could hear was him bouncing his balls off her wet arse she was moaning loudly much louder than I've ever heard her before then he said suck me off I could hear him moaning and a sucking noise off K's lips as she sucked up and down his pole, just then he said turn over im coming he was fucking her furiously as the slapping was loud and fast she moaned loudly as he obviously cum up her I was hard listening to them but decided to keep out of the way.

That night I came home I said hopefully it will be fine tomorrow so we might get some work done K sighed if it's not nothing we can do about it is there, the bitch has not let on yet about him and I've said nothing as she let on she's having a night out in the next week or so and might have to stay over at her friends.

I will keep you posted.