19 Jan 2018

Hi all well here it is part ii i hope you all enjoy this very true tail of my then young and cock hungry wife (we r still together and just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary).

Its about half past 9 at night K has put our son to bed been in the bath and is sat watching TV when there is a knock on the door.

"Oh no ,my baby is in bed i cant be having any noisy goings on at this time of night"

Come on k "at this point i will warn all you purist my spell in crap and you can shove proper punctuation am a perv not a English teacher lol) Jackie said he is home and we have no were else to go.

What about the rest of them are you going to shag them all Jackie?. k said they were four other lads with her.

A Scottish voice came from the back she wishes and the group of lads all laugh even the one one that was fucking her. we have vodka the same voice said.

Look come on in but keep your noise down i dont want my son waking up .

We will and she said they walked through the door to the front room except for Jackie and her fuck buddy.

K admitted that she was very excited as she was dressed in her bath robe and under wear only she said i did consider getting dressed but Jackie had gone straight to the bed room.

K went to the kitchen to get some glasses from the and then joined the other three lads in the living room.

Drinks were pored and the mood was friendly and jovial.

After around about an hour or so of drinking and army style banter the Scots lad ask K so what you wearing under that then

That is none of your business oh whats up with you tonight then but she said she had a smile on her face.

Nothing just like to keep you guessing is all

I bet she is in the buff one of the other lads said no i recon she has a baby doll nightie on.

You are all wrong prove it the Scots lad said K laughed and said good try any way i think you lads have seen enough of me i am married you no

So if your lad was hear he would get you to show us

you think so do you do you know him

No but i would if you were my wife

Again nice try

They all had a good laugh

K said she was dying to show them but she wanted to see how long she could keep them on the hook for but she crossed one leg over the other to let her robe fall open a little.(More drinks)

K said at this point the conversation had turned into a bragging session as the lads started bragging about there conquests .

Each lad one after the other describing in graphic detail there last shag.

Then when they had all finished the Scots lad turns to K and says your turn.she said you will have wait i`m going to the little girls room so after splash and a quick wash and a change of knickers because after ll the lads story's her pussy was had soaked the ones she was wearing to the point they were sticking to her.

she re joined the lads in the front room

Well come on then your turn we have all told you about our favorite fuck.

She said told them about when she lost her cherry(to me :-)) )

The Scots lad said to her dont you get horny when your lads away like this she told him cores i do i am not a nun you no

So what do you do about it then, probably the same as you lot do when you haven't got some one to shag You saying you have a wank.Yes sometimes more than one and she said she giggled and blushed s well.

What do you think about then she said to me.

This was her chance and even though she knew she was going to hate herself afterwards she was not going to miss this chance(up until now she had never had proper sex with any other man except me she had given a couple of lads a wank and even attempted a blow job but only ever had one cock in her)

I think about getting fucked in a night club

In a night club what after closing time

No with the music playing and the lights and every thing being laid on the nice soft sofas being fucked and having a cock in my mouth and on in either hand with loads watching me wanking as they all watch.

Fuck me you are a dark horse girl

That,s not all My lad plays rugby i think about the whole team fucking me in the showers after a match some times as well

Are you serious K


K you are one hot girl

That`s the trouble with you men you think you are the only ones that can do more that one at a time.

Have you told your lad about all this.

No i dont want him thinking i am a slag like you three do right now

I don think your a slag the Scots lad said i think for one you look amazing i also think you are one sexy women and after hearing that respect girl good on you.

So you liked to be watched then one of the other lads said.

I think i do i have never done it but i think if i did i would like it look you all saw my knickers last week i did that on purpose you were looking at me i was feeling frisky one of the lads said we sour more than your knickers and they all laughed the Scots lad said i didn't i wasn't hear

You missed out Paul mate she was sat in the middle of the room on the floor cause there was no wear else to sit first she flashed her knickers then when she came back from the loo she had taken them off and we could see her pussy and she was soaking too again they all laughed again.

You just went to the loo earlier have you done it again then

No i haven't ad at this point she stud up and spread the lower half of her rob to show them she was wearing knickers

I love black underwear Paul the Scots lad said does your bra match them as well

No it doesn't

Shame he said(i have done this on purpose but when K went to the loo the vodka had well and truly got into her system and so she had taken her bra off)

I would love to see you in full all black Webbing(Vets will get that)

i bet you would i would love to see you all in speedos too but you cant get what you want all the time can you . again they all laugh.

(I am going to cut a lot of this story off hear cos its just a lot of very heavy flirting)

Ok Paul said looking at the other three lads then at K we are all thinking it so i`m just going to ask how big are your tits.

I am not going to tell you how big is your cock she shot back at him

i tell you what he said you tell me how big your tits are and i will show you my cock the other three lads said me too she looked vat all three of them and said

You will all get your cocks out for me just for me telling you how big my tits are

I will they all said one by one

she looked round at them all one at a time looking at there crotches wondering if they wear hard her pussy getting very wet just thinking about seeing three big hard cocks she said i licked my lips i took a big deep breath and said 44H

Fuck me came the reply from then all

Never mind that come on get them cocks out let me see them Paul was the first to get up of his seat he unzipped his jeans and took out his cock for K to see

She said i ought jackpot not only did he have an hard on but he was about 7 or 8 inches long and nice and thick too. After Paul got his out the other two lads got theirs out and again she wasn't disappointed both of them wear a good size and most of all fully hard .

The lads sat down after putting their cocks away

K said at this point i was gutted to see them lovely hard cocks go back in there jeans

I dont believe you Paul said to her

Why would i lie about the size of my tits

To see our cocks Paul said

Well i did not the size of my tits are 44H

But they look too firm to be that big Unless they are fake one of the other lads said

They are not fake i can assure you and at this point she opened her robe ant let it drop to the floor and sat there with her firm 44H tits on view with her nipples harder than pencil rubbers.

Holy fuck look at them beauties are you just going to just sit to there like that .

If it bothers you i will cover them up.

Noooo they shouted together i just thought your were just giving us a flash if you want to sit there topless that`s fine by us.

K at this point is both drunk and horny she said i had seen there cocks i needed at least on of them in me if not all three

I have to say hearing this coming from my wife was at first a massive sock and then a big turn on this was the beginning of me wanting to watch her fuck.

Paul said can i have a feel just to make sure they are real

Come on then,and one by one all three got up off there seats and lifted and grouped her lovely firm big tits.

She said i gave out a little moan every time.i was turned on more than ever at this point so i went for it she said.

i got up off my seat i picked my bath rob up and laid it down on the floor and got down on the floor on my back and started to play with my tits and run my hand over my pussy grinding my hips breathing relay heavy she said i was laid side on to them so i could look at them at the same time as they watched me.

she said they were glued to me not saying a word just watching.

Now i had there full attention i was going to go for it she told me.

I put my hand down my knickers spread my knees and pushed two fingers in and out of my pussy so they could hear how wet my pussy was.

Fuck she said i heard Paul said go for it K

She said i started rubbing my clit grinding my hips up and down slowly softly moaning yessss.

After a couple of minutes and to stop my self from coming i stopped pulled my hand out and put my fingers in my mouth liking my juices off my fingers.I hen hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my knickers and lifted my bum off the floor and pulled of my pants that by know were soaking wet with my juices i put my knees down and opened my legs a bit wider and started to rub my pussy and grind my hips while stroking my knickers over my tits as i watched them looking at me i through my knickers down lifted my knees and started pushing two fingers in and out of my pussy letting them slurp i and out.

Then i started to wank as i looked at at them one by one as i booked my hips with my moans getting louder and louder as i got closer to cumming she said.

I started getting faster and faster has the lads started to egg me on telling me to come.

She said i started saying fuck me and yesss yess fuck me as i came.

She said Paul the Scots lad said that that is the first time he has watched a lass have a wank that was not on a porn film.

K said i just lay there with my eyes closed starting to feel a little bit guilty and close to tears but I think Paul had cottoned on to it and said hey K that was awesome your lad is one luck fucker if he gets to see you do that all the time she said i love doing it for him you three are the only other men other than him to see me do that.

At this point K said i was still on the floor but on my side propping my head up with my hand and i noticed that they could not take there eyes off my tits and i was starting to recover from my orgasm and i was getting turned on again.

She said so i lifted my knee up to one side and put my other hand between my legs again.

Go on K

She said at that i rolled over on to my back and started to play with myself again.

She said i would look over at them to see if they were going to come over and join me,but they didn't at first so i turned my head and looked up at the ceiling the closed my eyes and just forgot they were there and started to imagine them wanking them selves off watching me.

She said after about five minutes i was totally immersed in my self when all of a sudden i felt something wet scrap across my left nipple it shocked my so i jolted opened my eyes and lifted my head to see Paul had stepped over me got on his knees and he was just lifting his head away from my boob has he had just licked my nipple.He looked at and her and she just smiled she said i closed my eyes put my head back down and carried on.

She said Paul started licking and sucking my nipple again witch turned her on even more now.

She said it got better he moved my hand from between my legs and started to gently play with my pussy i let out a long moan and said yessss and bucked my hips to meet his caress.

She said i reached over and started to try and get his cock out but i could not open his jeans so he stopped playing with me and stripped off his jeans and shirt.

She said his cock was rock hard and his was the first cut cock she had ever seen she said i i reached over and first cupped his balls that seem to be as tight as a drum and cupped and softly rubbed my hand over them Paul continued to suck my right nipple and play with my dripping wet pussy ( i am dying to type cunt but k hates that word to to keep it real i am using her words)

She said he then gently pushed first on finger then a second finger deep into me first i think he was just feeling how wet i was but when i warped my fingers round his hard cock i started stroking up and down his fingers got a tiny bit faster and a bit harder but still gentle so i booked my hips to meet his fingers and gently put a bit more pressure on his cock as i carried on giving him a wank.

After about three or four minutes i was bucking my hips as though i was having a good gentle fuck.

My hand on his cock got faster and faster it got to the point were he was bucking his hips to meet my hand speed.

She said i pushed his head up off my boob shifted myself round on took his cock in my mouth and started to rub my lips up and down his shaft he gave out a low moan and placed his hand on the back of my head gently pushing my head further down the shaft of his cock.

He continued to finer my soaking wet pussy only a lot faster has he had cottoned on that my mouth round his cock was matching the speed of his fingers in my pussy he had started to use his thumb to rub my clit has he fingered my she said by now i needed his cock me so i took it out of my mouth looked up at him and asked him if he wanted to fuck me.

Too right i do,so what are you waiting for he climbed over my leg laid on top of me and thrust his lovely big cock deep into my pussy he lifted himself up on his hands and i warped my legs round his backside so he could thrust deeper into me i was moaning fuck me harder then faster has i turned my head to one side i saw the other two lads they had both got there jeans and pants round there ankles and were watching us both fucking as they stroked there cock she said i could see there pre cum dripping off there cocks.

She said as i looked a them and releised i was being watched it took me over edge and i could feel my orgasm building ans scream out yesss fuck me i am cumming i am cumming at this Paul started fucking me so hard and fast he started grunting the next thing i know he is blasting the back of my pussy with his spunk that was it for me when i felt that my orgasm shook the living daylights out of me i started screaming my head off totally forgetting about the neighbors and our son in bed.

He stayed in me as i could feel his cock get softer in my pussy.

I looked over and the other two lads had stopped wanking and was starting to pull up there jeans i looked at Paul she said and said to him its not fair on your mates we have both come and your mated haven't he looked over and laugh and said have you too dirty bastards been watching me fuck and wanking.

I dunt no about Steve but i was watching her big tits Steve said yep me too too.

K said she chuckled and said to them come over hear you two she said i got on my knees placed myself between them i started to get Steve's cock out and seeing this the other lad started to get his out that were both still rock hard so i started wanking them both off at the same time.

(This next bit relay rock the fuck out me)She said the biggest turn on of all this was she could feel the spunk in her pussy s

started to leak out and run down the inside of her thighs this made me pull on them two lovely cocks even faster ,come on lads i bet you are looking forward to coming on these my tits i bet you were both over there picturing yourself cumming on them.

Come lads give it to me she said at that they both took over and with in seconds were both spraying her face and tits with spunk.

She said i loved every second of it i was covered in spunk on of my dirtiest fantasies come true.

she said because she ha moved the tissues she said i had to walk in the bed room stalk bollock naked covered in spunk when Jackie was on all fours being pounded by her fuck baddie from behind she said Jackie said sounds like you have had a good time.K said have and run my finger through the spunk stuck to my tits and put my finger to her mouth she said at first Jackie didn`t no what she was doing then she saw the spunk all over her tits and face and then she took the finger in her mouth and fuck she said tastes like too.

K picked the tissue box up and and re joined the lads in the front room were she spent the next hour sat naked drinking vodka with the three lads that had made one of her many fantasies come true.

ho and by the way she said two days later she fucked Jackie fuck baddie in the bathroom after watching them fuck she said did it to get her own back cause she had come with just her fuck baddie she said she told Paul and Steve that K did not what then round any more.But after she fucked him she said tel them they can come round any time they like i am not saying that they are going to get a fuck every time they come round but they are welcome,

Well as you can guess they did go round sometimes together sometimes on there own and some time they fucked and sometimes they didn't.

Well that is it for this particular tale i hope it has been worth it i have many more my wife loves cock well she did at one time .