27 Sep 2017

For years now i have had the desire to watch my wife with another man or woman.This is born out of a confection she made to me about four years into our marriage.I was in the Army when we married and was away a lot of the time we are both northerners and were stationed down south. Now (K) had never been away from home before so when i was away she was very lonely with only the company of our 2 year old son so after six clock she was board and lonely.

One afternoon when i was a way she was sat with our son in the garrison cafe were the wives would meet up and have a chat she got talking to one of the other wives from our regiment.

She told her how she did not no anyone and was thinking of packing up and going back up home.

Now the other wife Jackie who was a veteran army wife and was well versed in when the cats away scenario had no kiddies so she said she was fedup on an evening and ask if she would like her to drop round and bring a few drinks for them both (K) was over the moon and told her were we lived and a date was set.

So for about a week Jackie would pop round after seven sometimes with a drink sometimes just for a coffee now in Iron site you could probably say she was being groomed .Its description time now in 1986 when this story is from (K) was 20 and a size 12 with 44H yes H firm boobs.Apparently Jackie was a size 16 or 18 and not very attractive in her late 20s.

One of the evenings she visited she asked (K) if she would like a night out but (K) refused as she did not have a baby sitter for our son.Jackie said she could get her a sitter would she.It turns out that Jackie's mum had come to visit for a few days and would be happy to come and site with our son for a few hours so they both could have a night out.

So the night out was arranged and the girls had a good night and has our regiment was over seas they got lots of attention as you can imagine.I am told there was lots of flirting and a bit of kissing but no sex well not at that time anyway..

A couple of days later Jackie called round in the afternoon and asked (k) if she would like to call round to hers on saturday afternoon for a few drinks has it was her birthday and she had got a few friends coming over.It turns out first it wasn't her birthday and second the friends were some of the guys that had been chatting them up on the night out.So the drink flowed and time went on to the point were (K) had to go home to get our son his tea and get him to bed.

So not wanting the party to end Jackie suggested the party moved to our flat.At first (K) was apprehensive has she thought the noise would keep our two year old awake she was assured that the noise levels would not bother him (K) was convinced has the lads had entertained him all afternoon and had kept the drinking to an acceptable level (well by army standards anyway )

So the parties venue was shifted (sorry its long winded but i'm getting there)

The boy was fed and entertained for a short while longer and put to bed and has promised the noise levels were kept to a minimum.

But the drinking started for real and the hard stuff came out and has the hard stuff went down so did the inhibitions.

Jackie was on the sofa snogging and groping one the the lads (K) was sat on the floor doing her best to keep her dignity intact has she was wearing a skirt that was just above the knee has was the fashion in the eighties she noticed that every time she move the three remaining men,s eye,s would levitate to the hem of her skirt now she knew she was not flashing at this point has she had pushed her skirt between her legs. know then has now like most people has she got drunk she got hornie,and seeing what was happening on the sofa she was starting to get a little wet between the legs so she decided in her words (he won't no he is thousands of miles away) to have some fun.

Her first thing was to start and tees the lads not watching what was going off on the sofa she parted her legs just enough to make the parting in her skirt stretch up and un part.This act was noticed immediately and attention was laid back on her hemline. Once she was confident she had there attention she excused herself to the bathroom were after she had done what she had gone to do she removed her boring knickers hand replaced them with her what we used to call come an fuck me panties silky and white and she rejoined the party and took up her place back on the floor in the center of the living room and back to being the center of attention as the action on the sofa had moved to the bedroom. and two of the lads that were on table chairs had moved to the sofa (pre planned i recon)

So (K) is sat on the floor only this time she leaves her legs slightly parted but not enough to be flashing at this point has they chatted with the laughing and everything else she relaxed and she brought her knees up the lads had stopped talking and ( K) noticed were they were looking she was now flashing her panties well her pantie covered bum at this point she said i blushed a little but my pussy got a lot wetter she looked directly at all three of them and said"you pervs like looking up girls skirt,s do you?" and laughed. One of them came back said sorry but it can,t be helped you have on hell of a nice ars that was it for (K) she gushed again this time the wetness leaked out of her into her silky white knickers ,she said know look what you made me do and she opened her legs to reveal the large wet patch that had formed in her knickers. Whop the lads said she excused herself again this time when she returned she had taken her knickers off and decided she would take on of the table chairs and sit to the side of the sofa this was strategic has from this position she was at crotch eye level when the lads got up to go to the toilet and it worked has over the next twenty minutes one by one the three lads took themselves to the toilet and all off tem had a larger than normal bulge in there jeans. had positions She had also positioned herself so they could see she was commando but sadly this part of the story comes to and end has the noises in the bed room had stopped and Jackie and her lover had rejoined them in the living room and the party came to an end but the story does not end there i realize that you has the reader may have been sticking with the story for the fuck action but trust me if i see that the appetite has been whetted and i receive enough interest i will publish the rest of this very true story.