Written by djn99

21 Sep 2007

When I was working in Jeddah, I was friendly with a couple; they were American\'s by the name of Judy and Wayne. They were holding a fund raising party for there daughters school due to the theme of the party and because we were horny we dressed Judy in her daughter\'s school uniform minus the bra and knickers and added black seamed stockings and suspenders. The party was a mixture of swinger and none, but as the party wore on we expected the non swingers would go home so the fun could begin. One of the couples who came brought there mother along, she about 65 and was over visiting the children, but as they were non swingers we thought they would leave early, As the night wore on, we undone Judy\'s white shirt buttons to let her tits out, lifted the hem of the short skirt at the back and tucked it into the waistband, so her naked arse was on view, putting a badge on her which read, if you like the service play with my tits if not smack my arse and sent her out serving drinks. After the first walk of the room Judy came over to me saying as I served granny her drinks she played with my nipples. Later that evening we lifted the front of Judy\'s skirt so her shaved cunt was on view. The badge she wore this time said, 3rd Prize a hand job, 2nd prize my mouth, the 1st prize me! And sent her out selling raffle tickets but told her she could only sell to the woman. To much amusement she got good business and as she got to granny the older lady read the badge finding her self a seat sat down saying to Jody, before a part with a penny of my money lets see how good you are with that tongue of yours, spreading her legs an lifting her dress revealed a very smooth mature cunt. Judy not adverse to a bit of cunt sucking entered into the spirit of the show, dropped to her knees and applied her talents to the job in hand. The site of a 32 year old blond servicing a mature lady who had Judy\'s head in her hand saying clit to arse hole girl clit to arse hole you little bitch. There was not a dry cunt or soft cock in the room.