Written by michele1978

16 Jul 2012

i have always wanted to try risque sex in a exciting or unusual place the thrill of being very naughty is a turn on. this weekend Ade was on nights driving a 1st response car, it can be quiet or very busy friday night was proving uneventful for him so i received a text from him at 9pm he would be driving past my road on his way to where he would be parking up to wait for a shout. he picked me up and he drove to a local park on a nature track where its peaceful it started to go darker so we had some more privacy. he parked up we took our seat belts off and began kissing it is a very risky thing to do whilst on duty so we had to be very careful, he got very horny as he never did anything like this before and the excitement of it really turned him on. we had some more big passionate kisses then decided to get in the back he pulled his trousers down and sat i removed my knickers and straddled him riding fast up and down his length which made us both orgasm really quickly. we made ourselves decent then got back in the front and hugged and kissed he got a call and took me back on the way. he texted me later on to say he enjoyed and how very naughty but kinky it was and that he couldnt wait to spend a day in bed with me next sunday.