Written by unknown

21 Jun 2008

my son and his friend went on holiday the other morning as i was working i couldn't drop them at the airport so his friends mum came to pick him up, i've known her for some years now but just to say hi when passing or when i see her walking her dog, i'm single going through a divorce and i know she 's a widower as she lost her hubby about 6yrs ago and i know she's 51 as she went to vegas last yr with her son for her b/day. anyway i was in watching tv and about 6pm she came to the door asking had i heard if they arrived ok i said i had not heard which is'nt new for me as he only rings to be picked up i could see she was worried and invited her in and tried to ring my son on his mobile no answer and i said look if i can get through or he rings me i will let you know, anyway she left and as she walked to her car i couldn't help but notice what a fit arse she had as her jeans were tight to her and her arse cheeks were asking to be parted. about 9pm my son rang me and said his friend had rang his mum so he thought he'd better let me know i thought i'll call to let her know, knowing she'd heard from him, as i was leaving the phone rang so i didn't answer it incase it was her ringing, i got to her door and rang the bell she answered the door and said i've just spoken to him i said ok just thought i'd check she then said come on in i didn't hesitate in i went just then her daughter walkied into the passage way straight away my heart sank so did my cock, she said i'm away mum see you soon as she showed her daughter to the door my cock sprank to attention not that i thought there was any chance for me anyway she came back in and said would you like a drink so i said well ok but i'm driving so only the one as she walked into the kitchen i followed her i couldn't help looking at her arse thinking i wonder how long it is since she's had her pussy opened and her arse slammed by a pair of balls. i got my bottle of beer she'd already been drinking wine we just stood there in the kitchen talking about the boys and i asked about her how she was doing etc, she said she missed her hubby but was fine now didn't have a boyfriend etc saying she's too old i said you look great for being 51 she smiled and asked how i knew her age saying her son said he took her to vegas last year for her 50th. she asked about me knowing i was getting divorced i said i was still single not looking but missed female company and what comes with it she just laughed and said is that all you's men think about i said yeah dont you miss it ,she went a bit red and said well yes but try not to think about it to much, straight away i said what a waist a Gorgeous, sexy woman like you she went red and said your making me blush i said it's true she thanked me and poured herself another drink, i thought to myself go for it as wel talked still standing in the kitchen i went to hold her she responded straight away i was taken back a bit expecting rejection we started kissing as i started holding her bum cheeks and holding her close she could feel my hard cock rubbing against her i started to tongue her she responded again my hand went straight down her jeans into her knickers her cunt lips were so wewt i thought she'd cum it was a tight fit so i withdrew my hand ans started to undo her button and zip my hand fell stright in fingering her wet juicy fanny she started to rub my cock and unfasten my jeans my cock was ready to spring into action as she put her hands on mt hard cock she just sighed and started to rub my balls then wank me pulling my foreskin right back feeling my bell end she then pulled away and bent down she started to suck me off and lick my shaft up and down looking straight up at me i nearly cum she said it's been so long and started sucking again she stood up and i unfastened her jeans and they dropped to the floor she stepped out of them i pulled her knickers to one side and started to finger her wet fanny again as we kissed i stepped out of my pants and lifted her on to the bench and stated to lick her soaking wet fanny her knickers were soaking the smell of cum on the was amazing as i licked her to another orgasm i then started to rub my bell end up and down her wet hole teasing her she tried to pull me into her but i pulled back she still had her top on i lifteds it up over her head and unfastened her bra she had small pert tits but big brown hard nipples as i sucked them she started to moan and move her arse all over the place as i held her hips i thrust my cock up her wet fanny she just made a sigh and i started to buck away at her franticly she started to squirt all over the noise of us shagging was great she was moaning and bucking back i lifter her down bent her over the table and thrust my hard cock into her gaping wet fanny fucking away again holding her hips i was about to cum i think she knew this as i pulled out of her she turned around and kneeled down and started to wank me licking the end of my cock i exploded all over her face as she rubbed my cock all around her face keep licking the end of it now and then i'd never seen as much spunk saying that it had been a few months since i had a shag she licked me dry she stood up and said i suppose you want to go now do you i said i have all night so i stayed all night shagging her about 4 times each time she wanted me to cum in her face and down her throat the dirty bitch, the boys came back last night but her son is away travelling around the world in november so i will call in to see her before then i'll keep you all informed