Written by unknown

11 Jun 2008

i've looked at this site and read a few storys for a while now unknown to my hubby, i thought i might as well tell you about the time i did something i never though i'd ever do, one evening last december we went to my husbands dinner dance at a country club not far from where we live but as everyone was staying over we thought it would be fun to stay as well at least then we could let our hair down and have a few drinks, the night progressed every body was worse for wear my hubby was throwing down shorts & drinks like there was no tomorrow i had to stop after a while as i knew i had to drive home the next morning, i've always had suspitions hubby fancied the girl from the office she's nice enough but a flirt anyway i caught him later that night groping her in the passage way i just put it down to too much drink and thought nothing else of it i had to put hubby to bed about 1am as he could hardly stand john his best mate helped me get him into the room and he was out of it john said come back to the bar as said i really shouldn't he said come on why let it spoil your night i said no i'll stay here to make sure he's ok anyway i was helping him off with his clothes he was oblivious to me being there i lay on the bed fully clothed and my mind started wondering if i'd not been here would he off gone off with the office girl i though why not go back to the bar so i strightened my hair sprayed some more perfume and off i went leaving him snoring, as i walked back into the bar john spotted me and said i'm glad you've changed your mind and bought me a drink it was strong he said i thought you might need a double i just laughed we danced , talked and before i knew it it was 3.30 am most had went to there rooms by then i didn't want the night to end, just then john said why not come back to my room for a night cap i smiled and said yeah yeah are you trying to get into my knickers john he said straight out yes i laughed and he got my hand and led the way i was wanting to say no but there again i felt quite aroused and thinking about the storys i've read on here came to mind, i've known john about 15yrs or so and he's never made advances towards me as we entered his room i was nervous incase anyone saw us he said look we are friends nobody will suspect anything i said john maybe i shouldmcheck onhim to see if he's ok john said look i'll walk you back so off we went i went into the room john stood in the passage way and said please come back i said if he's ok i will, he was out cold and i felt myself getting quite aroused we walked back to his me knowing i was going to get myself fucked ridged, as we entered the room he started kissing me and i responded before i knew it i was there in my underwear he lifted my bra and my ample 36d chest fell out into his hands i could feel myself getting wet as he sucked them my nipples were hard i stood there shaking with desire he slipped his hand into the front of my pants and felt my warm fet swollen pussy lips and i felt a finger go straight inside me he got hold of my hand and placed it on his cock over his trousers i started to rub him he was hard i've never felt my hubby as hard as that before i was aching for him to take me he dropped his trousers and took off his shirt i could see his bulge in his boxers as he took them off i felt breathless he was'nt that big but he was thick very very thick and circumsised the head of his cock thick and red i done something i'd never thought i'd do i knelt down and started to lick him starting at his balls as i wanked him i could hear him groaning as i looked up at him he held my hair and i started to suck him a bit at a time it was so fat i could hardly get it into my mouth, but after a few strokes it was in and i was running my lips up and down his shaft while he played with my nipples he lifted me up and started kissing me i climaxed straight away all the guilt and nerves went all i wanted was him inside of me and to fill me with his cum. as we lay back he fingered me again knowing i was cuming all over he went down on me licking every last drop off me while he rubbed the rim of my arse hole with his thumbs i wanted him so much then he lay ontop of me and i felt his hard fat cock open me wide god it was so good feeling him inside of me thrusting slowly and hard i cum again he lay back and i straddled him bobbing up and down on his fat shaft while played with my tits he then said stay on top and turn around with my back towards him as he entered me again i lay back and took him deep inside of me as he held my hips he rode me hard and fast then he cum i've never felt as much cum inside of me before i collapsed as we lay spooning he whispered into my ear do you do anal i just whimpered ok and he entered my arse i thought it was being ripped apart but once inside it was marvellous he came again inside of my arse and i've never felt an orgasm like if i was shaking and coming and coming and coming, after that i didn't even feel guilty as i walked back to my room. as we woke the next morning hubby didn't have a clue i have sat here and played with myself just thinking about it and it's took me all this time to get the nerves to put it on here i've told john about this site and i'll tell him in time i've wrote about it on here. i have met john a few times while hubbys been away golfing and we now fuck on a regular basis about once maybe twice a month, he has asked me do i fancy getting roasted as he has a friend i quite like and i feel in my youth again and willing to try anything. please let me know what you's think. maybe i'll let you know if i do