Written by Brian

9 Apr 2018

I am that classic, an older man married to a young woman, so a cuckold. But a cuckold by choice, Lynne is my second wife, I met her four years after my dear wife died. She worked for a company that I called on regularly , she was attractive, chatty, with a good figure, very sexy. However it took probably two years before anything happened between us. She was always pleased to see me and it was one of those regular as clockwork calls that are always a pleasure.

One day when I called she wasn't there and I had to deal with someone else, she was a good friend to Lynne and told me that she wasn't available because of personal reasons. I didn't think anything much about it until, after a few months, I realised that it was a regular occurrence, I asked Pat her friend about it. I could see immediately that she was a little embarrassed and I didn't press her about it. What happened then was that, the next time I saw her, Lynne had a black eye. She gave the usual answer when asked about how come, 'Oh, I walked into a door!' I didn't believe her and out of the corner of my eye I saw that Pat was embarrassed, however at the time I said nothing.

On my next call I asked Lynne if she would meet me one evening when I was working in the area, just for a drink or a coffee or something. She smiled and said no but I felt that she really wanted to say yes, so I pressed her. I told her that I was a widower and she didn't have to worry that she was doing anything wrong. So she changed her mind and we agreed to meet a couple of days later and we'd drive out somewhere where we could have a drink and a chat.

She didn't turn up. So the following day I went back to where she worked, she was there..... with a black eye.