16 Aug 2017

I'm as horny as the next guy. So when I ended up working away from home and spending the week in a very nice hotel I just got hornier and more frustrated, missing my gorgeous wife. I spent a lot of my spare time browsing the web and checking out porn and getting hornier and even more frustrated.

A little about me. I'm late 50's, tall, dark and I'm told handsome. I'm a good conversationalist, intelligent, witty and with a good sense of humour. I fantasised about lonely women in hotels and how I would service them to their immense pleasure but obviously nothing happened. Then it all changed within the space of 24 hours.

It was winter and I'd arrived on a Sunday evening to get a good start on the Monday morning. As I took my luggage from my car I noticed a woman stood at the hotel entrance. I assumed she was a smoker which irritated me as I thought I would have to walk through her stale smoke. As I approached I took notice of her. She was wrapped against the cold in a fur coat displaying very shapely legs supported by high, red stilettos. Her long, brunette hair flowed over her shoulders. “Good job you’re wrapped up, it’s a cold night out” I offered. She opened wide her fur coat, displaying a very revealing dress. Her cleavage was deep and ample. The dress ended high above her knees, perfectly displaying a cracking set of pins. Her figure was voluptuous and sexy. As swiftly as she opened up her coat she wrapped it back around herself as she said “And that’s why I’m wrapped up tight” she murmured, a smile coming from her ruby red lips.

“Why are you stood outside on such a cold night when it must be nice and warm inside?” I said. “Because my hubbie is a drunken git” she hissed. “More fool him” I said, “I’d love to keep you company but it’s too cold for me and I need to get checked in” I laughed.

She held out her arms in a dramatic gesture guiding me through the front doors. I felt I was missing an opportunity but felt hampered by the fact that I hadn’t yet checked in. As I stood at reception, chatting with the receptionist, I noticed that the woman was stood at the side of me. As I was handed my keycard, the woman asked the receptionist what time breakfast was. I walked away, knowing where my room was. As I walked down the corridor I heard footsteps behind me and she caught me up, taking the smallest of my bags from me. “I’ll give you a hand. You said you’d love to keep me company but it was too cold. I’m sure it will be warmer in your room. I’m Barbara, by the way. What’s your name?”

I almost stammered “John” as I wondered whether my luck had changed. She followed me. I gestured to the lift. “After you. It’s one flight up”. The lift arrived, we entered it and she purposely leaned across me to press the number 1 button. Her scent was intoxicating. I could feel the warmth from her body. She ran her hand across my chest and down to my bum, squeezing a cheek. “You’re cold. We need to get you warmed up” she purred. “I’m hotting up already” I whispered as I caressed her shapely bottom.

We almost fell into the room, eager to get in and close the door. The bags were dropped and I took her in my arms instantly kissing her. Both tongues explored the others mouths. Both sets of hands familiarised themselves with the others body. “I need to freshen up” I gasped, “after my long drive”. “Mmmm yes, I’ll make myself comfortable” Barbara whispered. I grabbed my washbag and disappeared into the bathroom. Whilst I was very erect and up for it I played safe and chewed a little blue pill as I undressed and got under the shower. I quickly washed everywhere that mattered, shaved, added some cologne and put my trunks, jeans and shirt back on.

Barbara was lay on her side across the bed. I took the view in: deeply tanned, slim waist, broad hips, lovely legs in hold ups, gemstone navel bar, what was obviously expensive, classy and sexy lingerie. Her very full, ample breasts almost fighting their way out of her bra cups. She saw my gaze and laughed. “You like my 40DDs then?” as she squeezed them. She pursed her full deep pink lips. “You approve then?” she said. “Your hubbie must be fucking mad” I said as I moved towards her. “Slow down Tiger. I’m taking the lead to start with” as she leapt up, her breasts jiggling in their cups. She stood in front of me, rubbing her palms down my chest, to my crotch, which she slowly rubbed and, approvingly, commented “Mmm nice and hard, I’m glad to see”. “Can you blame me? You’re gorgeous Barbara” I retorted. We kissed hard. My hands caressed her breasts, expertly unclipping the bra catch and displaying her magnificent full breasts, with exquisite nipples and dark brown areola.

She undid my belt buckle and pushed my jeans down whilst also unbuttoning my shirt.

To be continued should demand require it :)