Written by Me

22 Jul 2019

So we met up that afternoon G looked good as always to top it with the accent J loves. He went off to do what he had to I went home & told J that G was coming round later for a catch up and meet her. When I told her I saw that glint in her eyes & she saw that glint in my eyes. We sat in the garden in the evening sunshine before he was due as J and me are so in tune she knew what I was planning and loved the idea. She then lent back in the chair opening her legs with no panties on and said u want G to fuck this don’t ya to which’ a instant hard cock appeared in my shorts not until you have taken mine first. As I lay her back I could tell by the wetness of her tight shaved pussy tonight is going to be a dirty 1. Hour or so later I was in the shower when G knocked on the door it was planned by me so they could break the ice and also it’s a turn on not know what they said looked at each other and I know G he love her little petite body to take charge of. She txt me when I got out the shower and the txt read OMG I have cum soaked panties just from meeting him I think we going to need some kind water proof for the floors part 3 soon

Tags: bestfriend