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22 Jul 2019

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So we met up that afternoon G looked good as always to top it with the accent J loves. He went off to do what he had to I went home & told J that G was coming round later for a catch up and meet her. When I told her I saw that glint in her eyes & she saw that glint in my eyes. We sat in the garden in the evening sunshine before he was due as J and me are so in tune she knew what I was planning and loved the idea. She then lent back in the chair opening her legs with no panties on and said u want G to fuck this don’t ya to which’ a instant hard cock appeared in my shorts not until you have taken mine first. As I lay her back I could tell by the wetness of her tight shaved pussy tonight is going to be a dirty 1. Hour or so later I was in the shower when G knocked on the door it was planned by me so they could break the ice and also it’s a turn on not know what they said looked at each other and I know G he love her little petite body to take charge of. She txt me when I got out the shower and the txt read OMG I have cum soaked panties just from meeting him I think we going to need some kind water proof for the floors part 3 soon.


I got out of the shower dried off went down they were in the kitchen G was rolling a Joint here we go I thought I know his plan get me stoned and drunk so I fall to sleep in the chair then he can put it on J and fuck her in the same room Wright next to me don’t know how he does it but every gal he puts it on she just goes to gel. Like my older sister when we were just 15 16 I went to call for him for a burn. As the usual in them days never knocked on the front door always went round the back and it was always open. His mom was at work she’s a different story altogether.

I went in the kitchen shouted yo G no reply no wonder he didn’t hear me as got to living room he was slamming a bird from behind I thought as a horny teen gave to have a perv on them so stood back and let them get on. Through the gap in the door I heard the gal say full me with ur cum full me up as got my by then hard cock out she turned round and don’t know if I was even Horner or sick as it was only my big sis Deb acting like a lil slut begging for cum from my best pal and he delivered cause I watched as she stood up and showed him all his hot cum dripping from her lips tbh I shoot my load all over Gs mons clean kitchen floor. In a panic I picked up what I thought was a towel to wipe lots of my cum off the floor only to find they were a pair of wet pants white with a see through arse in them They were my big sisters used panties couldn’t help it I had a lil sniff them put them in my pocket don’t ask me y and left the way I came in anyway back to my wife and G

Next story in series: Hope it happens again part 2

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