Written by toy_man

15 Dec 2007

Have you noticed the reaction most women have when they are watching a porn movie, featuring a white woman being fucked by a black guy with their usually enormous cock, (they make us guy's seem very inferior don't they!), I can see them wondering in their mind what it would be like to be that! woman.

Well I knew my missus did, but now she knows from experience, let me explain.

Last November, Kate and I booked a last minute holiday break to St Lucia in the Caribbean, as we needed a stress relieving holiday before Christmas arrived, after the long flight, we were taken to our accommodation which turned out to be a secluded timber cabin next to the beach.

As we were shattered, we unpacked the basics, and dived into bed, and fell fast asleep, we awoke the following morning to the sound of waves tumbling onto the beach, on getting up and looking out of the window, we could see a fantastic view, a clear blue sky, white sandy beach, and a deep blue inviting sea, paradise?, near enough we thought.

We put on our beach wear, and began to explore the beach area with great excitement, after a couple of hundred yards we met a very tall and well built black man, he had striking looks, with long jet black hair,, we introduced ourselves, and he explained that he was studying to be a doctor at the University of Cambridge, and he had returned home to visit his family for a week, it's a small world, wherever you go in the world you always meet someone from the UK.

We carried on to the beach bar we had seen on the way to our cabin the day before, to have a few cool drinks, as we sat there looking at the beautiful scenery, I asked Kate what she was thinking at that moment, she said that this place was like something we had pictured in our fantasy's, and that it really existed, I agreed, and said it was a world away from our home life, and anything seemed possible here, at least for the next two weeks.

What did you think of our doctor friend I asked her, "oh he is absolutely gorgeous, and again he is something right out of an erotic fantasy novel", she exclaimed excitedly, well, I told her we were in the fantasy location, and who knows what other fantasy will come true this holiday, she giggled at the thought.

On arriving back at our cabin, the warm beautiful surroundings had heightened our sex drive, and as Kate gazed out of the open window at the sea, looking great in her new swim suit, I stood behind her, and began to fondle her tit's, through the thin material of her costume,, she continued to stare out of the window as she now became very aroused, and began moaning with pleasure, suddenly she could see her doctor friend walking along the beach only 100 yards away, looking magnificent in his white trunks, with the water shining on his ebony skin, look it's our friend she whispered, "yes I can see him", he really turns you on doesn't he, I replied, yes! he does, and I can't help it, I just keep picturing him naked, she whispered.

I was getting turned on more and more now as I began to see the effect this guy was having on my wife, I could resist no longer, and I pulled down her swim suit bottoms, and whipped out my engorged cock, and with Kate still leaning on the window sill, I pushed my weapon deep inside her now very wet pussy, "oh god!" she cried, "but what if he sees us ", she said, then I "˜m sure he would be wishing it was him instead of me thrusting inside you, I replied.

Now, she didn't care who saw us, she just enjoyed the sensual experience, and began to moan loudly with pleasure, when she suddenly became silent, and her body became rigid, as a loud cry burst from her mouth, her body trembling as she reached a fantastic climax, hearing her come, I too came, and with a groan, I filled her pussy with my love juices.

We stayed there motionless for a while as we got our breath back, the heat didn't help, and we fell back onto the bed sweating but satisfied, "god I needed that" Kate remarked, "yes me too" I replied, it was wonderful to have sex in such a fantasy location, with the sea breeze cooling our almost naked bodies, wow!!.

That evening we intended to dine at the local sea food restaurant, wonderful food we were told, nearly everything caught, or picked the same day by the locals.

As we tried to decide on what to order, Kate's doctor friend came over to us, he said he was hungry and decided to sample the house special, giant lobster, "are you not with anyone this evening" Kate asked him, "no he replied, I am staying in my parents house here on the island for the visit, "what about your wife said Kate, I have no wife" he replied, "what!, a handsome man like you" she uttered in disbelief, he explained that because of studying to be a doctor was very difficult and intensive, he had no time for a girlfriend, or very much of a social life at all," then you must enjoy yourself as much as you can while you are here in this beautiful place" Kate told him.

He said he would try to experience as many pleasures as he could in the few days he had left on the island, Kate excitedly asked him to join us for dinner, he said he would love to, and gave Kate a big warm smile, I think her legs were shaking at this point.

All three of us enjoyed lots of good food, and good wine that evening, and we chatted as if we had known each other for years, at one point Carl (his name) asked Kate how old she was," I'm 46 next year she told him", he said he did not believe her, and that she looked to be in her thirties, maximum, Kate smiled at him in an alcohol induced seductive way, and said that she was better at most things now, than she was in her thirties, sex especially, he said it was not surprising as she now had beauty, and experience, that made Kate blush, and she giggled like a teenager.

Before we realised, it was passed midnight, and we were the only ones left in the restaurant, I think it's time to leave said Carl, as I must be making my way to my parents house, suddenly Kate blurted out " our cabin is only a few hundred yards away, why don't you stay the night there, it's late to be travelling alone, Carl turned and smiled, and said he would like that very much.

We walked back to our cabin on the beach, all a little drunk, and as Carl looked around our room, he asked where he could sleep, Kate whispered in my ear, "can he sleep in our bed with us darling, the bed is very big, and this is our fantasy island after all", how could I refuse her, she wanted sex with him, and I could take part, and watch for free, "ok, ask him" I told her.

This bed is big enough for three she told him, as she gave him a mischievous grin, Carl glanced over at me as if to say "is this what I think it is? ", I nodded, and said this was her fantasy holiday, so I had no objection,, Kate walked towards him in very sexy and seductive way, and reached for the buttons on his shorts, as she nervously started to undo them, I grabbed her sexy top and pulled it over her head, revealing her new skimpy bra, which was barely big enough to contain her generous boobs, Carl had an unmistakable bulge in his thong by this point, and now he reached behind her and set her gorgeous tit's free from there restraint, and as he fondled them enthusiastically, I began to rid myself of my clothing.

Kate led him to the bed, and she sat on the edge, removing his thong, she got her first sight of his enormous cock, "it's the biggest dick I have ever seen" she raved, and was soon massaging it with her two hands, it was thick, long, ebony black, and very hard, I saw his face stare at the ceiling enjoying the pleasurable sensations he was receiving, as Kate's mouth struggled to open wide enough to take him inside, she managed, and took his long tool into her moist mouth as far as she could, but most of it was still outside, such was it's size, she pushed her mouth back and forwards slowly, and at times, too far, and she started to choke,, I was knelt on the bed behind her, massaging her breasts firmly, just as she liked it, she was enjoying every second of this erotic attention, and after a while she released him, and lay in the middle of this very large bed.

I leaned over her legs, and holding her panties with both hands, I slid them of her, Carl then sat down beside her, and stroked her body, as Kate turned her head round, and took my more manageable shaft inside her warm wet mouth,, his hand was very near her sacred valley now, and Kate eagerly parted her legs, giving him unrestricted access to her wet pussy, she let out a gasp as his finger explored her most personal place, and where she soon wanted that giant cock of his to enter, soon Carl lifted up her knees, and placed his head firmly between her thigh's, once again she gasped as his long agile tongue, began to stimulate ever inch of her love hole.

Seeing the sight of my lovely wife lying on this bed, with a handsome black man, between her shapely legs, she, writhing with pleasure, was too much to bear, and I began to shoot my load into her lovely mouth,, and to my surprise she kept on going until my cock became soft, and she had swallowed all my semen, she would let non escape.

I began kissing her passionately, aware of the taste of my own semen, but it didn't matter, she was moaning loudly now as the intense pleasure Carlos was giving her built up inside, and like a floodgate opening, she climaxed, crying out with the almost unbearable sensations of sheer pleasure, her body jerked uncontrollably now, as wave upon wave of spasm's travelled inside her,, then a few minutes later she was still, and in a dream like state of euphoria.

After a rest, she recovered, and with a wide smile, said " my god guy's, I didn't know it was possible to experience such intense pleasure and arousal, thank you both", Carl and I turned to each other and said simultaneously "your welcome Kate",, she laughed, then turned to Carl, and asked him to fuck her, but to take it slowly, as she was unsure how much of him she could take inside her, "why don't you sit on top of me he suggested, "then you can control how much you take",, she agreed, and Carl lay on the bed (all 6foot 6inches of him), and I held Kate's hand as she nervously lowered herself onto his massive cock, lower and lower she sank, until she cried out, as he stretched her pussy to it's limits,, after a pause, she began to ride him, very cautiously at first, then as her body adapted to his large size, she became more daring, and soon she was bouncing up and down the whole ten inches of his mighty weapon, I stood up facing her with my feet either side of Carl's head, and she took me into her mouth, and sucked me, as she was riding him, ,bloody fantastic!, she was fucking us both as if it was her destiny, Kate was panting heavily now, and Carl was groaning with pleasure as his watched his big black cock shoot in, and out of this lovely white woman's pussy, she slowed her pace now, and pulling away from my shaft, she had another earth shattering orgasm, and Carl felt her come, escape from her pussy, and trickle down his pulsing member, it looked fantastic, as Kate lay forward on his chest, exhausted, still impaled on his giant ebony cock,, she would remember this holiday for a very long time, I thought.

A little later and Kate was ready to continue, she lay on the edge of the bed, and she asked me to make love to her, absolutely!, I stood in front of her, my cock as big and as hard as I had ever seen it, she opened her legs wide, and I pushed my shaft deeply into the woman I love, she sighed, and began kissing me with warmth, gratitude, and love, and then wrapped her legs around me in an intimate sexual embrace, Carl watched us intently, as we fucked, and fucked as never before, then with both of us gasping for breath, I felt my come welling up inside my cock, and with exquisite pleasure, I squirted all of my semen inside her eagerly waiting pussy , with a force that seemed to drain the energy from me. We lay together, our hot and sweaty bodies now cooled by the cool sea breeze entering through the window,, that was a beautiful thing to see, two people in love, having wonderful sex, said Carlos, we thanked him for that, but Kate wanted his come deep inside her now, to make the night perfect, Carl positioned himself where I had previously been, and she held his giant cock with both hands, and guided it safely, and gently into her already come filled pussy, she again gasped at the sheer size of it as it pushed her pussy lips wide apart, and slowly sank fully into her body, Carl began to thrust slowly in and out of her, (this was a fabulous sight, how could she take him all I wondered?),, now with Kate almost screaming with the pleasure and pain as this huge black man thrusted faster, he placed her legs over his arms, and lifted them higher with every inward stroke of his weapon, soon Kate was begging him to come inside her, "I want to feel your come, fuck me faster and give me all your hot semen now", she ordered, with that, his huge ebony body stiffened, and he let out a yell, as his enormous cock squirted a massive amount of love juice deep inside her,, slowly his thrusting ended, and he lay motionless on top of her large breasts, gasping for air in this hot climate.

Well I had watched Kath being fucked by the biggest black man, with the biggest cock, I, and she, had ever seen, (I expect she would be a little sore down below in the morning), we all then fell into a happy and satisfied sleep together.

In the morning Carl said he had enjoyed every second of his night with us, and he would treasure the memory for ever, we also thanked him for fulfilling a fantasy that we had for many years, and we too would never forget this night, he left for England the next day, and we both hope he will become a doctor,, he certainly was good medicine for our sex life, and it was a tonic that will last for a long time/

P.S and yes, Kate was bloody sore for a couple of days, so she is more than happy now with my more moderately sized willy, , I wonder what it would be like to have a black girl join us in bed???, that will have to wait for another time I guess!.