Written by unknown

17 Jan 2008

I have already explained why I joined the swinging scene back in May- Henrietta's first beating. I am a pre op transexual and have agoised about what to do for years. From an early age I liked dressing as a girl and played the parts of girls and ladies in olays at public school. This led to me getting a lot of admirers. This carried on through university and my early career. With only a small penis and testicles, I was shy of girls. Men fancied me more than women did, though I got on with teh girls by being just another girl. A black colleague, twice my age, encouraged my dressing and I became a woman for him and his friends.

But I thought something was seriously wrong with me. i thought I should try being a man. One Saturday night I decided to go to a night club on the city seafront near where I lived. I sat watching two girls sitting in a corner. Both had boyfriends. There seemed to be a heated exchange going on between one of the couples and suddenly they got up. The boyfriend looked about 30, but the girl was much longer. I noticed he had quite short hair and guessed he was a sailor.

As this girl and the sailor walked past the dance floor, the sailor spoke to three other men, about his age and with short hair cuts. The couple then headed for the exit. I cast an envious eye upon her slim figure which was encased in a shimmering long blue evening dress, showing a glimpse of white slip near her ankles as she walked on her black high heels. Her shining auburn hair hung down to just over her shoulders and her silver neclace caught teh light, as it hung over the low cut dress.

the couple had been gone a few minutes when the other three men also made for the exit. After tehy had gone, I just watched the dancing. Lights flashed under the thick glass multi colour panels of the dance floor. Girls danced around their handbags while men watched. Then after about forty minutes the couple came back. The other three men were close behind them smirking.

The girl passed by close me and I caught a whiff of perfume. Though she wore make up I could see she looked flushed and maybe upset. her boyfriend was remonstrating with her and she was telling him it was over. He seemed to be drunk and was sneering. With no consideration he blurted out so loudly many must have heard: 'But they all made you cum, so what's the problem.' with that she burst into tears and rushed over to her friend. Meanwhile, realising what must have happened, my little prick rose to attention. I pictured her outside in one of the alleyways, long dress and petticoat pulled up with all those men having their way. how I envied her.

But seeing as she was now upset, I saw my opportunity. I really wanted to be close to a girl who had just had sex with four men in an alleyway. I was so attracted to her, I overcame my shyness and went over to ask if she was alright. she was calming down by this time, and she asked what I had heard. Her accent was posh like mine and she was anxious to protect her image. She asked: 'What did you hear?'

'Enough' I blurted out. 'I am not a whore' she said. I shouldn't have done it. My boyfriend forced me into it and they were horrible.'

I wondered why her boyfriend had said she had orgasm ed if they were so horrible.

Later on, with her on dance floor, I guessed why the men would have had no trouble cumming inside her. As my hands roamed down her hips to her thighs, I felt the unmistakable little bulge of suspender buttons. My God, they had pulled up a long blue satin dress, white slip and found stocking tops and suspenders- and they would have all watched each other take turns between those black stocking topped thighs. If she Had all that on, she would also be the sort to wear sexy silky panties. I pictured what she must have looked like in the alley behind the night club,imagining her moans and orgasms sounding through the busy night. They must have gone mad, I thought. I had to ask for a date. To my surprise she said yes. She told me that she had just left sixth form nd was going to London to train as a nurse. More excitement was to follow, which drove me back to the path of womanhood.

I think after her ordeal, I was less threatening and that is why after a whirlwind romance, with no sex, we were married.