Written by unknown

15 Oct 2009

it's a strange world. i am fucking the arse off this guys wife and everytime he picks her up and he thanks me ( unknownly ) for waiting with her and looking after her.

we work in an office and do quite long hours in fact pam as i will call her is my boss.

it all started at a works BBQ in june, we got talking she was a bit intoxicated so was i as everyone left and we she was locking up i she asked did i fancy giving her a hand not knowing she ment up her knickers as well as locking up.

she was all sorrowfull telling me she hardly saw her hubby etc as he had to look after her son as he worked 9-5 shift every week and we work the 3-11 shift .

anyway things got a bit heated and before long i was sucking one of her tits while holding the other one then she started to get my cock out and wank me.

i never thought for one min she was the kind of woman to do this sort of thing with someone else as she is so quiet.

as i lifted the straps of her dress over her shoulders it fell to the floor she was there with only her thong on which i had my hand in the side of fingering her cunt, she had quite a bit fluff on her cunt which it was quite a turn on as it's been a while since i've had a hairy beaver in my face.

there was no kissing passionatly her thong was pulled to one side and my hard cock was straight up her hairy fanny humping away with hard deep thrusts she was loving it holding my arse hard against her so there was no getting away as if anyone would want to .

i told her i was coming she held me even harder as i shot and emptied my balls deep inside of her she then went onto her knees and sucked every last drop off my cock.

since then we fuck at least twice a week, it's getting a bit strange now as she's starting to say she loves me but wouldn't leave her hubby as for the son thank fuck.

it's a great feeling knowing she's leaking my cum as she's getting a lift home of her hubby.

i am even going around there sometimes throughout the day to satisfy her he's away soon for the weekend so it's going to be a fuck fest and hopefully she'll let one of my mates fuck her at the same time as we have chatted about this.


will keep you' all informed.