Written by mrpeebody

26 Sep 2013

Have to put this out here , found it one of the most memorable nights for many years

I am 50 wife 46 , she has long been a cockteaser and loves the attention she gets when out , have to say she sometimes exposes far too much but she enjoys it as do I .

I have watched her having fun with other guys and we took it a step further 4 years ago with our then gardener , but that’s another story .

What I would like to relate today is more recent , we often go to the local cinema with the aim of D doing a little exposing and seeing how far she can get a stranger to go.

It usually follows a similar pattern with me sitting a few seats away from her and waiting to see if anybody takes interest , on 3 occasions now things happened , she dresses sexily and as she sits usually lets her stocking top show and as much cleavage as she dare in a public cinema , We have had our share of weird,os who just want to masturbate through there trousers as they sit next to her but what she really wants is to be touched.

On 2 occasions I have had the pleasure of seeing her groped by a complete stranger and love all the build up as they sit next to her and I watch as she presses her leg against theres in the hope they will approach her

Twice now I have watched as a complete stranger has dared to touch her leg and thrilled at the site of her opening them slightly to allow them ,on the second occasion I actually watched as she masturbated a guy under his jacket as he roughly groped at her panties.

Last week however something happened that changed it all for us

She dressed as normal for the cinema , extremely slutty with coat over the top until we get in there , we arrived early and picked a seat near the corner with a littly privacy and as she sat she hitched up her skirt as is normal .

The cinema began to fill , (alan partridge movie actually) and I moved away a few seats as is normal and before long a older gent sat next to her , however as she pressed her leg to his he seemed a little uncomfortable , I think he knew we were together and moved seats.

The movie started and about 5 minutes in I noticed someone sit down next to D , trying not to look too obvious I glanced again and was disappointed to see it was a woman so giving it up as a bad night I moved back next to D.

About 15 minutes in she nudged me and looking down I noticed the lady was pressing her leg hard against my wife , this had never been our intention or even crossed my mind but I have to say I was already hard at the prospect , I nudged back and motioned with my eyes in a way to relay if you want to , go for it.

I glanced at the lady and she must have been about 35 40 quite attractive with short dark hair , smart trousers and top

My wife as far as I know had never done anything like this but I knew she was beginning to get turned on as I could clearly see her hard nipple through her blouse and watched as D open her legs a little pressing her leg hard onto the other lady , she seemed to take the hint and dropped her hand between her own and my wifes leg

Touching the outside of her thigh and stocking.

This must have been affecting D as she slid down in her seat taking her skirt up as she did just revealing her white panties , my heart started pounding as I saw the lady slide a hand across Ds thigh to the inside and let it rest on her upper thigh just around her stocking leaving it there for about 5 agonising minutes , I knew D must have been wet now and would be willing the lady to touch her and sliding down a little more she finaly got her panty crotch to touch the ladys hand , looking round the lady placed her handbag on her own lap and at last touched my wifes most intimate part.

I don’t think I had seen my wife so turned on before and watched as she tried to wiggle against this strangers hand.

Luckily the cinema was only about half full so there was a little privacy and realised how turned on D was as I saw her carefully pinch at her own nipple through her blouse , the lady in question I am pretty sure was rubbing at herself through her trousers , unable to get a clear view as she had bag on her lap but there was definite movement as she slowly brought my wife close to orgasm.

D had given up all pretence now and was wiggling in her seat as this lady delved between her legs , her panties were clearly on view now and as this lovely stranger pressed onto her obvious wet hole I watched in amazement as D clamped her thighs hard onto her busy hand and obviously ground out an amazing orgasm on this strangers wrist , I have no idea if the other lady came but she left shortly after ,luckily leaving a note with her phone number on in the hand of my wife.

D was left obviously shaken at what had happened and when we returned home she practically leapt on me where we had amazing sex

She openly admitted she found it such a turn on and has since left a text message with the lady telling her when she will next visit the cinema , I can only hope we can convince this lady to come home with us on some occasion ,

Sorry this has been so long to read but remember it all so clearly so if any local ladies to burton , derby wish to visit the cinema please drop us a line when , kind regards mrpeebody