Written by wayupnorth

19 Jan 2009

anyway trev as i've found out's a right dirty bastard when it comes to my X and good for him, he's been fucking her for quite a while now and so have some of his mates and i have seen the video's to prove it, anyway he said he wanted to take his bird dogg'n still not knowing she was & still by law's married to me ( which i couldn't care less ) anyway on another golfing day he asked the guy's where's best to go a few of the guy's told him a few places and once he planned where he was going he said why dont a few of you turn up she's gagging for a dogg'n setion as it turn's her on anyway they were up for it so was i but i knew i'd have to keep my distance. the night arrived there were only 3 of us turn up about 20 mins or so we were ready for the off thinking it was off when all of a sudden out of the dark there were lights flashing on & off all over the car park in the near distance we were out of the car and walked over i kept well behind when we got there trev was licking her over the bonnet of the car as about 12 guys looked on they were all ages the older ones in there 50's were happly wnking themselves off watching the younger ones and my mates were wanting more one guy approached her and lifted her flimsy top she had no bra on and started sucking her tits while wanking himself trev moved away and it was a frenzy everyone seemed to home in on her she was getting fingered in her fanny her arse one guy jumped on the bonnet and knelt over her so she took him in her mouth after a few mins trev moved him off incse he damaged the car the back doors opened she was naked and lying there letting them all take turns to fuck her i was looking in the other back side window hoping she wouldn't see me she was covered in spunk and was moaning, groaning and enjoying every min of it once they cum the seemed to move off after a while there were only 5 left still hard and full of spunk one said can i fuck here from behind before anyone could react she was out and bending over holding the seat with her arse up in the air this young guy had a cock about 12" / 14 " no kidding he rammed it straight up her she yelp out with excitment he soon filled her up with his hot spunk i'd never saw as much spunk run out of anyone before she collapsed and trev called a halt to it i made a hasty retreat back to the car, since then he's told all the lads about it i feel kinda sorry for her as she's protrait as a slut which she never was but is now lucky trev he said they done it again but it was all older guys but she went ahead with it as she was all horny and wet. anyway i've seen it for myself so if there's anymore action i'll let you all know.