Written by annon

23 Sep 2014

It was nearing my wife's 40th birthday and for no reason of mine she went off on one and after what seemed like hours of ear bashing i went out and drove to a quiet spot to ponder my troubles. I noticed a couple of cars pull up after me and thought to myself fuck it i knew where i was but in the past always bottled out and drove home but this time i was so turned on it was scary. I got out of the car and walked into the woods eventually stopping at a fallen tree. my cock was rock hard i just dropped my trouser and boxers and leaned forward over the tree feeling the breeze around my ass and waited........i could hear a noise behind me and i tensed up but my cock was still rock hard and a hand was on my ass spreading my cheeks and it was at this point i knew there was no going back and relaxed and waited for my fate. After a while of fondling my mysterious lover got to work and after alot of lube he was nudging into my virgin ass slowly and steady and it felt amazing. i had used dildos on my ass in the past so i wqas use to having something in there but not a hot throbbin cock and sooner than i thought possible he was banggingin my ass and to add pleasure to it another person stood in front of me with his cock out and i thought what he hell and sucked on that baby...my god i thought im being spit roasted and i was loving it and soon the cock in my mouth exploded down my throat mmmmmm first taste of spunk and swallowed all. my cock was still rock hard and my msterious lover said did i want spunking in my ass or mouth...mouth i said and he wipped out took the condom off and shoved it in my mouth and after a few thrusts spunked and this time i couldnt contain it and dribbled out of the sides of my mouth but there was lashings of it. just when i thought it was over and i still needed to spunk myself i felt another pair of hands on my open ass and suddenly a cock that seemed as big as my wrist nudging my hole after a series of nos from me and a sudden stab of pain it felt soooooo good that monster of a cock fucking my ass. he knew what he was doing coz it wasnt long before i was spunking without touching my cock and then he came and his shuddering and groaning was a weird feeling but still enjoyable. he pulled out and i turned around to see this massive built black guy with a huge cock and i noticed no condom...the cheeky bastard did me bareback and that weird feeling was his spunk going into my ass. do you want me to clean you i said yes and he dropped to his knees and started to lick me out and that is another story