Written by Jimslip38

30 Dec 2013

Hi, this is my second encounter with the girl next door, through the year she sucked my cock dry as per my previous story.

This time I was in the house working from home and my door bell rang, there she was, she asked if she could come in and of course I said yes, in she comes and she explained how she had been locked out and was waiting for her dad to return, She is 18 and fit as fuck.

we started to talk about the blowjob she asked if I enjoyed it I said fucking right I did and I would love another, she stood up came over to me and started to kiss me her hands went to my crotch and she pulled out my rock hard cock she then took a step back and I thought yes she is going to suck me off, but to my surprise she began to undo her jeans she took them off and then her pants to reveal a nice bold pussy she rubbed her fingers in her crack and then put them in her mouth, she told me to lie back and watch, I did and she turned round bent over in front of me and opened her pussy and arse to reveal her lovely pussy hole and arse hole the smell was fucking lovely I can still smell it as I write, she then put a finger in her pussy it was a lovely view then she pulled it out all wet from her cunt juice and slid it in her arse hole, I thought I had died and gone to heaven the view was fucking amazing then she did a amazing thing, she went into her bag took out a tube of lube and rubbed my cock with it she then came over to me and sat on my cock, my cock went straight up her super tight arsehole I though my cock skin was going to snap she bounced on my cock I think I got five strokes and I felt my cock about to explode she felt my balls explode in her arse and I was in heaven I could not stop moaning with delight as my cock came in her tight hole. when I was finished cumin she stood up and went to a cup i had on the ground and shat my cum into it, I could not believe my eyes, she then got dressed and said "that's dad here" and left me with a cup with my cum in it. what a fucken girl....