Written by giveandtake

6 Mar 2015

recently Claire and I were sent on a health and safety course which involved and overnight stay. Now Claire is a woman I have always fancied. Easy on the eye, about 5 foot 2, pear shaped figure with small boobs but a great ass...fullish hips with a nice bit of meat on her ass. What really attracted me was her swagger that drew all eyes to her ass. Anyway Claire is married with 3 kids and about 5 years younger than me so I assumed the trip would be a boring 2 days. We travelled together to the course and had the usual banter workmates have . We attended the course and in late afternoon checked into our hotel. Separate rooms .

Anyway after checking in we met in the lobby to go out for a nite to eat. All still very innocent. The meal went fine with a bottle of wine and a bit of flirting. After the meal we decided a couple of drinks was in order as the night was still young. We found a pub that was a student hangout that had a real vibe about it. Lots of great music and a big crowd. Anyway after a few drinks I could see a glint coming in her green eyes. She dragged me onto the wee bit of a dance floor which was crowded. On the dance floor I saw a side of her that I didn't know existed. The came in close to me and started to grind her crotch into my thigh before turning around and rubbing her peach ass into me. I was hard and when she felt it against her ass she grinder me more. I took this as a signal to make my move. I placed my hands on her hips and dragged her against my now throbbing knob. She turned her head around and I went in for the kiss. The kiss was well received with tongue action back.

We went back to our seats but this time Claire sat in beside me . Leaning in she gently whispered she liked me whilst her hand was under the table with her finger nails circling around my erection. I said enough of this I am bringing you back to th d'hôtel and going to fuck that ass of yours.

Soon back in the hotel room we went for a shower together. The sight of her naked with small pink nipples and a shaved pussy slidind against me covered in showere gel just made me harder. Out of the shower and she drops to her knees and takes my knob into her mouth and proceeds to give me the blow job of my life. After a couple of mins I suggested we go to the bed where she still is sucking me off but this time I have my mouth against her love lips. When I had her good and wet I flipped her onto her back and started to ride her in the missionary position with lots of kissing and eye contact. After a small while I could feel my ball stating to tighten and asked should I withdraw but was told no, squirt it deep into her. This I duly did.

Lying back after the moment naked and sweaty we started to giggle about what had just happened. In talking I said that every time I saw her I wanted to fuck her doggy style and proceed to fucking her ass. She laughed and said the night was young but her ass was off limits as she had never done it. After about 20 mins with her hands rubbing my cheast and cupping my ballls I was ready for round 2. I got her on all 4 and got in behind her and started to fuck her doggy style. I

Her ass pointing up got me hornier and hornier.....I started to rub my thumb against the rim of her ass hole with a little bit of pressure. I could feel her pushing back against me so I withdrew from her pussy and rubbed my moist knob against her asshole. I asked was she adventerious and she panted back be gentle and if ih hurts I must stop. With gentle pushing and rubbing of the pussy at the same time bit by bit I got my erection into her ass. I regularly had to withdraw and fuck her pussy a bit to wet my knob. After about 10 mins I was in a gently fucking her ass. I came very quickly in her ass and withdrew. Claire said that we must do that again. We fucked a couple more times that night and the next morning. The next day was weird as very time she walked by all I could think of was that I had my knowing the sexy ass. Half way home we stopped the car where I had one last blow job before dropping her at the train station for her to go home.

Since then we have had a couple of staff nights out where near the end we might sneak a quick fumble and kiss. We have arranged a night out where a hotel is booked....I imagine her ass will get another pounding...