Written by unknown

14 Jul 2008

I was on business in the Caribbean and met George and Denise,who were on holiday.After talking to them in the bar for a couple of nights and getting friendly,George invited me to have dinner with them.Denise was a larger lady,probably best described a roly poly with a beautiful face.

During dinner, the subject turned to sex and George said that they liked to experiment on their holidays and had several good experiences over the years.When Denise left to the toilets,George asked me if I would like to fuck Denise with him watching and filming.I readily agreed and when Denise returned George told her that I would be willing if she wanted to play.Denise smiled and suggested we went to their room.George got out the video and Denise went to the bathroom.I sat waiting and Denise reappeared in a robe.George started filming an Denise sat next to me.She leaned over and we kissed.Her hand moved to my crotch and I was already hard.She called to George that I had a nice hard cock for her. She stood up and let the robe fall.What a sight,huge tits and very bushy cunt!!! I undressed and moved to her.We kissed and I played with her big tits then she pushed me on to the bed.She stroked my cock then took me on her mouth.What a wonderful blow job and she let me cum in her mouth.Not swallowing it she stood up walked over to George and kissed him transferring my cum into his mouth.

Now it was my turn to make her cum.I took her long nipples between my lips and sucked on them.Her breathing was short and she sighs as i bit them lightly.Trailing my tongue down her body,I stopped and licked her belly button before moving between her wide open legs.Kissing her inner thighs,I opened her pussy with me thumbs and gave a long lick from bottom to top then blew on her exposed clit.I slipped a finger into to her as I licked her cunt lips.I continued and she came all over my face.Another quickly followed as I slipped a finger into her asshole.

When she recovered I asked her stand up and bend over the chair.As I moved behind her,George stepped closer and said you need a condom.He proceeded to put one on me (the first time another man had touched me) and I entered his wife from behind.For such a large lady,her cunt was tight and She came again before I shot my load.

Then I watched George fuck Denise before we all fell asleep.During the night Denise woke me and we fucked again then George sucked me off in the morning.