Written by cuminme

6 Nov 2010

i was a horny teen dying for sex i was ready to try anything that came my way .but nothing did so it was out of the blue when i had just been in the public toilets in town when i realised that the guy who had been stood next to me in the toilets was following me.then i turned looked at him as if to say what do you want, but he had stopped and pretended to look down the other street as if he was looking for someone.I carried on walking for about two minuets I could feel he was still following me. I wasnt worried because he was in his late forties and small compared to me.I turned around but this time he looked right at me then turned and walked back the way had come from. I dont know why but I followed,we ended up back at the toilets.He glanced at me then went in so I followed, it was odd I dont know why I did.When I walked in the cubical door opened and I just went in, no sooner had I got in there he kissed me and I responded and before you know it he put his hands down my pants and I just let him. Instantly my cock was solid, He looked at me and smiled as I struggled to get my pants off.Before I knew it he had his hands around my cock wanking me. I couldnt resist I grabbed his cock and I was loving it, his cock was bulging through his pants, He asked me if I was up for it I just turned around with my hands against the wall. Then I felt his bulging cock trying to get to my arsehole.I made it easier for him and spread my arse cheeks wantingly.Ifelt him push his huge cock into my arse and I pushed back wanting to feel it all,I was like an animal I pulled his hands to my cock which felt like it was going to explode,I took it all I could feel his balls hitting my arse as he pounded it hard.I just let him do what he wanted to me and I loved it.Then I relised we were being watched by three other men.Then I felt him empty his load up me I felt so horny he pulled out then there it was another huge cock wanting to fuck my arse I couldnt help it I just wanted him to fuck me , It was mad I was loving it and I wanted more.I just let all of them fuck me like I was a whore ,I felt everyone of them stuff there great big cocks inside my willing arse I wanted them all to fill me with their cum.I dont know how long they were fucking me and didnt care when the last one was pushing his cock eagerly into my gapping wet arse I could feel all there cum dribbling down my legs every time he stuck his erect cock up my arse he was pumping all their cum out.He pounded me like I was some dirty bitch everyone was watching I felt so fucking horny and dirty I didnt want him to stop I felt this huge gush of warmth as he filled me to the limit he pulled out his cock and flicked the rest of it over my arse this was the horniest time I had ever had in my life and I loved it .