Written by unknown

20 Jan 2009

i was out with friends on a hen night in Newcastle there were 14 of us all respectable girls ( i think ) anyway in the club we were all worse for wear dancing and having a great time these guys were trying to chat us up but i shrugged it off the others seemed to lap it up though, anyway i noticed one of the guys was staying on the perimiter just staring at us and drinking i went over and thats not like me he was about my age very quiet not a stunning looking guy but ok we chatted and i liked the way he was going on not trying to hard to chat me up he bought me a drink and we danced then had a smootch on the dance floor i was starting to feel the effects of the drink by now and said look i'd better go i feel drunk trying to get the others to leave was a waste of time so i said my good bye's and off i went as i walked / staggered to the door he came over look let me walk you back he said it's ok i'm not trying to take advantage of you i smiled and said ok if you really want to, it was cold he gave me his jacket as all i had on was a stupid red maids outfit like the other 13 of us, once at the hotel he asked is there a toilet i could use and could he ring a taxi from here there was bouncers on the door so i said he's with me he went to the toilet and then rang a taxi but the next one was an hour away i said it's ok i'll sit with you by now the heat of the hotel was getting to me and said is it ok to go up to thr room as i felt a bit sick he said ok as we arrived at the room he took the key and opened the door the room was like bomb site knickers and bra's everywhere as i was sharing it with a friend he got me a bottle of water and sat on the end of the bed he just looked at me and i said whats ther matter and smiled he didn't say a word just walked over to me lay me down and started to kiss me i didn't resist i could tell he wanted me there and then by the raging hard on he had, he started to rub my inner thigh then into my pants and started to finger me i was bucking onto his fingers while he was sucking my neck then out came my tits he started to suck them not bothering to take my outfit off he lay me back pulled my thong to one side and thrust right up me to the hilt we were oblivious to anything he was riding me and i was riding him he said i'm cum'n i said it's ok i'm on the pill then all of a sudden i was getting filled with hot spunk gushing everywhere he lay ther and i took him in my mouth never ever doing this before he could tell i was an amature licking and kissing it he said just suck and with one thrust it was at the back of my throat i was gagging and couldn't breath he withdrew turned me over as he was hard again and took me from behind i was soaking wet my juices soaking everything in site just then he turned me over and put his cock between my tits then into my mouth which he shot his load in i tried not to spit but there was so much a bit came out, just then with him on top of me and cock in my mouth spunk running down my chin onto my tits the door opened it was bev with another guy so we all lay there fucking all night he left in the morning with the other guy and bev said he followed her to the loo about6am and kissed & fingered her spunk filled pussy she said i wouldn't let him fuck me but he brought her off fingering her and sucking her tits and she sucked him off until he cum in her mouth the dirty two timing bastard but hey i'll never see him again and i was well oiled and fucked up.