Written by unknown

1 Aug 2008

just back from manchester i'm a 48yr old woman but i've been told i dont look it lol, i was staying in the palace Hotel as i was working in Manchester last week i was sitting alone having my meal the hotel was very busy as i left the restaurant i thought i'd have my self a night cap as it was only about 9.30pm but i'm used to staying in hotels & drinking alone was part of the package, as i was sitting a guy in his early thirties came over and asked if there was anyone sitting there apart from me i said no help yourself to a seat he said there were 4 of them do i not mind i said not at all i'm off after my drink, they came over sat down and started talking about going clubbing etc they were very well mannered not swearing they thanked me for letting them sit there i said it's fine i'm off to bed in a min they said no please have another drink on them i said no thanks but they insisted and were very pleasent so i said ok 1 more as they ordered the drinks they started telling me there names and i told them mine they asked me was i alone and what i was doing there etc, they were on a lads weekend away they were all from Newcastle i said well i come from Cumbria so we chatted and a couple said we are off into town so another said ok i'll come the other guy called Dave said he would follow them in as he had just arrived and needed to change and shower, so off they went mike then said come on have one more drink before you go i said if you insist i'm in no hurry as i was all alone he said poor you & we started to laugh we chatted & were getting on fine after another 3 / 4 drinks i was starting to get light headed he could tell this he said look i'll see you up to your room before i go and shower i said yeah right i know what your after he laughed and said no i'm a gentleman so off we went, he stopped the lift at my floor and said will i walk you to your room i said no i'm capable of getting there by myself he asked what room no are you in i said your detemined are'nt you and i said why do you want to know, just incase the nights crap i'll ring you to see if you want another drink i said i'll be asleep by then laughing anyway hesaid ok i'1l follow you so i can see which he did as i got to my room i said have a good night and kissed him on the cheek, off he went i went into the room and was horny as hell i could feel myself wet & moist as i have never thought like this before i'm a happilly married woman of 30yrs anyway i lay there fully clothed fondling myself about 30 mins later the room phone went i answered it it was mike he said i cant get in contact with my mates so do you fancy another drink i said so i'm second best then and he started to laugh again he said look to make up for that we will go into town & have a drink i said mike i'm nearly 50 & married with 2 grown up kids he said well you dont look it and your all alone it's only a drink i said give me 5 mins to doll myself up and i'll meet you down stairs he was ther when i came down he looked very handsome in jeans and dress shirt i said you dont have to do this you know i'm used to staying away on my own he said i want to anyway we went out to a few bars and then he said lets go to a club i said mike i'm too old for clubbing he insisted and dragged me there i was surprised how many were there my age as me and my hubby dont go out much but he was up dancing with me making me feel special i knew in my mind he'd probibly try something later ( really hoping he would ) but there again not knowing how to handle it if he did. we left about 3am i looked at my mobile and had 5 missed calles of my hubby which i was not bothered about i was feeling well drunk we went back to the hotel he insisted on another drink before bed i said ok only 1 more he said lets sit here in the corner there were only 3 or 4 in the hotel bar by then as we chatted he lent over and kissed me thanking me for a great night i said it's me who sould be thanking you his hand was on my thigh and he kissed me again i didn't pull away as i should of done then i said i'd better go up he said i'll take you up i said mike no i'm married & a lot older than you and also i'm drunk he said i've told you i'm a gentleman and i insist we got into the lift he pressed my floor no and as soon as the doors closed he grabbed me and started kissing me i responded i couldn't help myself his tongue went straight down my throat i'd never been kissed like this for years then as we got to my floor he pulled me towards him and pressed the button to the top floor saying give me a few more mins as the doors closed again he kissed me and started to rub my ample tits i was helpless in his arms i had a loose top dress on he just popped my tit straight out and started sucking my nipple my head went back as i sighed thinking i shouldn't be doing this but could not help myself before i knew it he was rubbing my clit through my knickers i was moist well wet i should say without a word he fingered me i was not aware at the time i had not shaved for a while and he comented on how he had not licked a bush for a while i laughed and appologised saying i did not expect anyone to be licking my bush before i could finish he was holding me against the lift door holding it opne he lifted my knickers to one side and started licking me i nearly fainted with excitement and lust as his tongue flicked my throbbing wet clit i was there a young lad licking me to orgasm and my tit hanging out my dress but i couldn't care less he stood up and was ready to fuck me there and then i said no not here he said if we go to my room the guy's will come back i said come to mine as the lift doors closed he threw me against the lift wall and slid his cock straight up me without hesitation i couldn't of cared less if someone came in at thet time luckly they didn't the lift stopped he withdrew from my wet and now gapping fanny, we walked to the room i opened the door and he just took me there and then in the door way leading to the passage we kind of fell in to the room he stood up dropped his jeans and with amazment i looked at his cock there in front of me solid as a rock he said suck this which i had every intention of doing so it was like being in my youth again i licked it sucked it rammed it right down my throat he was about to cum i could tell he said i want to cum over your face which he soon did i licked him again i'd never tasted spunk before it was sweet and he said suck me off again which i did then he lay me on the bed licking me again i started to convulse i cum and he didn't move he just licked me again and again he then said get on your knees which i did eagerly he entered me again struggling as he was still not hard he started to slap it against my fanny and arse he said have you ever had your arse fucked i said ni never he said would you like to i said if it doesn't hurt he started to rub it against my arse hole it was quite arousing he fingered me in the bum and it hurt a little but it was quite sexual as well hestarted to feed his cock into me slowly it began to stretch my hole it hurt but in a pleasurable way befor long he was pounding my arse gently asking i'm i hurting you etc i said no then he began to get carried away bucking fast and hard asking me to rub myself as he fucked me which i did i cum again he said i'm going to cumcan i cum up you i was so aroused i couldn't of cared less he withdrew and started to pound my hot wet pussy filling my full of his spunk he then lay there watching his cum drip out of me he said can i take a pic of your well pounded cunt dripping with cum on my mobile i just said yes without thinking he said it's ok i wont get your face in it's wanking material for the future, he then lay there for a while kissing me and asked me to frig myself so he could watch me cum it didn't take long , he was hard again and asked me to straddle him so he could suck my tits and said it's your turn to fuck me. i started off slowly then began to get carried away as his cock seemed to get harder, bigger & thicked as i rode him i cum agai i'd never thought i'd ever do anything like this he said he was coming and wanted to cum on my big tits so he could watch me lick if off which he did i'd never saw as much spunk it covered them and was in my hair on my face and chin as istarted to lick his cum off my tits he fingered me to orgasm again then he left as quickly as that no i'll see you again etc, i've wanked myself ever since and fancy doing it again sometime soon i'm away to belfast soon maybe i'll try it again there if i'm lucky