Written by David

24 Feb 2012

Julie's Mum and Dads party had gone on well into the night,the karaoke must have kept the neighbours awake. Things finally came to an end about 3am. I tried to get a Taxi to take us home but there was nothing doing until about 6. we'll have to walk said Julie, "what in this weather "said her dad pointing to the torrential rain, "let her have your big coat" said her mum,"Ok"replied her dad reluctantly,"but what about David?" "I'll be fine my jacket is waterproof" I added.

She kissed her mum and dad goodnight and off we went,"lets take a shortcut through the woods"Julie suggested,"Good idea" I said "it will save us some time".

A few yards down the road the cold rain took it's toll on Julie after all the alcohol we had consumed at the party and she went all giggly,and as we got a little way into the woods her legs seem to give way,and she laughed as she fell to her knees,as I attempted to pick her up she snuggled into my groin, well you can guess what happened,and Julie looked up with that naughty grin and said "ooooooo" then proceeded to open my zip and push her hand into my trousers grabbing my now erect cock. "Shall we David?", "what here in the rain and mud?"I replied, she had made up her mind already,and was now sucking me hard. She stopped after a little while took off her dad's coat and put it on the muddy floor behind her and fell back on it still smiling that sexy smile. "Best fuck me now" she shouted knowing no one could hear, so down I got and pulled her knickers aside showing her light mousey bush, I then lifted both her legs back toward her shoulders and drove my cock straight into her soaking wet slit pumping as fast as I could,"faster faster" she screamed until she let out a howl I had never heard from her before, this was my signal to let loose my gushing come which sent shudders through me I've never felt since.

We lay entwined,still fully clothed but wet through from the still poring rain for just a few minutes,then realising we were getting cold,made our way home.We fucked a couple more times that night after a quick shower to get rid of the mud.But never again with such passion.

Her dad's coat was ruined and she still hasn't given it back.