Written by Unknown

14 Sep 2007

Friday night arranged: Dawns ordered takeaway, laid on the beers, ironed shirt & ran bath, can't be bad.

Everyone's arrived, happy & sinking a few beers, dawn asks lads to quieten down as kids won't settle. Cab arrives around 8.30 & as lads set out dawn warns Jeff to behave.

Out pile the boys: Jeff / Mark / Dan / Tom / & John all off to the local 2nd hand club.

The boys hit the club & bar, right on it. Larger & after shots, chat a few girls & hit the dance floor, with Tom making fool of himself.

More drinks, more after shots, more dancing & more woman, great night-out. Suddenly its ten to two, better order cabs. 2 cabs ordered, lads stroll out, Dan / Tom / John in 1, off to sleep at Toms, Jeff & Mark in 2nd cab.

Jeff decides to call dawn on way home "make us a sandwich babe" he asks, she's not happy & puts down phone.

About 20 minutes later the cab arrives home, £25 bloody quid, cheeky sod, Dawn answers door, "hi babe" says Jeff, both lads enter lounge, dawns made them a sandwich & poured beers, she finishes her white wine & sets off to bed, "no chance of a shag then" Jeff calls after her, "don't think you boys would be up to it" she replies.

"You up for it marky ", mark smiles "fucking right" he replies.

Right strip to your boxes then Jeff tells him, both lads take there clothes off & creep off upstairs, on landing Jeff smiles to Mark, Dawns left bedroom light on, Both lads enter room, Dawn turn to face them, smiles & invites them in, Jeff removes cover to see dawns great tits & thong. She then sits up & puts her hand in both boys boxers, rubbing there cock, god im getting wet just thinking about this she tells them, both lads remove there boxers & invite dawn to suck there cocks in turn, um"¦"¦"¦.. she moans, Jeff works his way down towards her pussy, while mark plays with her nipples, Jeff slips her tong off & feels her shaved pussy, she so wet ! He tells them.

Both lads then take it in turns to fuck her, she cant get enough, let me suck you cock Jeff while mark fucks me she asks, Jeff positions himself next to her while mark enters her, "oh yes fuck me she cries, fuck me". Lets change ends mate asks mark. Ok agrees Jeff & when he enters Dawn realises just how much she has cum, "You dirty Slag" he whispers to her, she cant get enough, they doggy her, 69, sideways.

She luvs it on top Jeff tells mark, sorry mate you can't fuck her arse, that's for me only mark.

Dawn asks them both to cum on her face & over her tits, they both do so, she Luvs it.

What a night!