Written by unknown

27 Oct 2007

it started when i got on the train at Edinburgh ,i noticed her right away.say she was about 37 and about 5ft4ins, nice blondish hair.what caught my eye was her pout lips ----------- does wonders for my hmmmmmmmm.i said hello and she gave a really norty smile, as we chatted she knew i was interested and she started to lick her lips, i winked at her and she winked back.as the journey progressed another elderly guy joined at york. whilst he was chatting she began to rub my ankle with her stocking foot , i looked up and she smiled. her foot gradually moved further up until it was touching my inner thigh. the elderly guy went to the buffet car , i looked at her and i stroked her stockinged leg as she rubbed my inner thigh. things got heated and i said i would like to go for a wander as i was stiff, i waited till the elderly guy came back and made my excuses and left them, several minutes later as i was walking back up the train i noticed coming the other way, i looked at her and she must have read my mind we grabbed each other and in the doorway she kissed so deeply and i couldn't resist slipping my hand in between her legs. to my amazement she had no knickers on and i slipped my finger it was wet she bucked against my finger and urged me to fin, hmmm those-pouting lips.ger her faster and deeper, my finger became 2 and eventually 3 god she was moaning and clinging onto me, when she came she trembled and clung on. after a while we broke app art but as i walked away she followed me-into the toilet where she locked the door at her back and begun to unzip me god i was gagging for her to suck me of. god she was good nice short then long deep pulls and sucks,,,,, i said to her i was close to spurting but she ignored my words and i began to spurt she moaned and i realised she to was coming , i pumped her deeply and i swear i heard her gag, when she finished she dried me of and she left , when i came back to my seat i asked the elderly gent where she was and he told me she had got of earlier. i was left with an unbelievable memory