Written by unknown

16 May 2008

Afew months ago my wife and I went to spain for a weeks holiday in the summer, we always sunbath a lot and go out at night for many drinks.

The last of the holiday I asked my wife to wear her short mini skirt and tight top to show off her great tan and fit body, she looked amazing and attracted loads of guys attention has we danced at the night club.

Towards the end of the night a male stripper appeared on stage and walked around the dance floor flexing his muscles and flirting with all the girls, when he seen my wife he came over ans rubbed his body against her and kissed her.

I found this an amazing turn on and asked my wife to ask him back to our appartment so she can show him how hot she really is.

I waited around at the bar for a while before my wife returned with the muscular stripper and we walked back to the appartment.

When we got back to the room the stripper got naked, revealing his tanned muscles and a big hard on. My wife also stripped off and they both got into the bed.

It was fairly dark in the room but the bathroom light was on which lit up some of the bed, I watched my wife open her legs and insert his thick cock inside her. She looked at me every few minutes, knowing she was making me proud but the stripper was fucking her faster and harder which she found herself squirting uncontrollably which she really enjoyed.

It was an amazing night, my wife performed so well and the stripper gave her a great fuck!