Written by Sundowner

13 Jan 2012

We had been friends with Viv and Tom for a long time, going for meals and camping trips. Tom was sent over to his Dutch companys offices for a couple of years and we kept in touch my phone and E mail. and the odd brief flying visit. When they returned they invited us for a meal, showing us pictures they had taken in holland, near the end there was some of Viv completly naked, as well as tom, on beaches and in a park area, they explained that there apartment was only a short distance from the nude beach and they had joined a Naturist club there, One picture was of a older guy standing behing Viv but his hand was round her breast pinching her nipple, her hand looked like it was behind her holding his cock.

They had returned and braught a caravan back home. and would the four of us go out in it for the weekend,

Back home we agreed that if they sugested we go nude we would give it a try, as on holidays both girls normally went topless anyway. A couple of weeks later we went away and parked up at the back of a camping site with only a couple of other caravans there. Being a German built van the doors and awning were on the opposite side to British ones so our awning was facing the neighbours, who gave us a hand in pithing up, the first van was Mat and Kirsty and the other was Paul and Jan. Both girls had only tiny bikini bottoms and tops that barly contained their tits. and certainly looked interesting.

We got settled in and went out for some drinks and a meal. Later Viv and Tome went to there bedroom at the end of the van and Jean and I undressed and got into bed. Jean had a peek out of the window before setteling down and she sat up and told me to look outside, it was a moonlite night, and we could see right into the other couples awning there they all were Jan had Mats cock in her mouth and Paul was licking out Kirsty. Jean stood up and went down to Viv and Tom, completly naked, to tell them to came a look. She told me later that Viv was giving Tom some serious head when she went in and as he followed her back his cock was nearly up her naked arse.

Viv had jumped up and came down to knelt slightly behind me one tit resting on my back Jean with Tom behind her knelt beside us and we all crushed up at the window to watch the other couples sucking licking and fucking, Jean said to Viv think you had better come and deal with Tom as his cock is just about to disapear up my bum before to long, not that I mind, Viv saisd in that case you deal with him and I will do something with Ross , and she ran her hand up and down my cock to bring me up even harder than I had been, she lowered her head and began to suck me as Jean was already dong to Tom,

before long I was beside viv sucking her tits and had my fingers inside her pussy, looking at my wife she had her legs open and Toms was licking her pussy, He moved up and I was just in time to see him slip his cock into Jean and she locked her long legs round his back, just before Viv slid her very wet fanny down my shaft and we began to fuck.

I soon felt wet round my balls and running down between my arse as Viv shot liquid Hearing my wife and Tome it was obvious that he had filled her pussey, and seconds later I was painting the inside of Vivs hole with my juices,

After we had recovered , the four of us fucked again, and all four of us fell asleep, in the morning with a very naked arse rubbing up and down my hard cock I looked over and Jean and Viv were kissing and fingering one another tits and holes.

This was the first time I had seen my wife doing that with another woman and it turned me on.

It was Viv's back that was nearest to me and slipping my hand down got my fingers inside here by now wet patch, and soon after slid my cock inside her as well. Tome woke up and after watching the three of us for a short while he soon had his cock inside Jean, as Viv and I watched them. Later Still naked I got up and realising that as the caravan fridge does not hold enough we had braught with us a camping fridge that runs on gas mains or battery power and the milk was insided that, I stepped out into the awning and just then I saw Kirsty coming over, she saw me and I suppose not realising I was nude came into, she was wearing just a very flimsey housecoat, holding it together in one hand, she did not seem to mind and said have you got some spare suger we could borrow until the shop opens, the caravan not being ours I said I would have to ask Viv, and went inside, she followed me in, there was both Viv and Jean licking and sucking Toms cock and balls Kirsty had a full view of everithing, of course, Later we explained to them that we had watched the four of them and this had started us of.

Viv and Tom are still our greatest friends and we still go for really good weekends with plenty of great sex.