Written by milfandhim

14 May 2009

Today we drove to a nearby car park / woods. As mentioned from a forum post which was a good place for dogging. It is down a remote little lane and quite out of the way.

When we arrived at the secluded car park, I was surprised to see about 6 cars, all empty. Presumably the owners were off walking dogs, as this was mid-morning.

We pulled up and started snogging in the car. A few women came back from the woods, dogs in tow and drove off.

I let my hand wander down my wife's knickers and she was soaking wet, so I flicked my finger over her clit and she came a couple of times. Then she un-did my zip and sucked on my cock. It was very exciting knowing that it was braod daylight and anyone might happen upon us. Nobdoy did though, I think everyone was there for more honourable reasons.

My wife then suggested we go for a walk. About 5 mins into the woods, I stopped on the pathway and got my rock hard cock out. She bent down and started bobbing here head back and forth. It was bliss.

Then I bent her over up against a tree, pulled her knickers down around her waist and fucked her from behind. She came again for me.

We kept walking a bit and stopping and repeating this and I was just in heaven. the thoguht that someone might be watching was a real turn on for us both.

Then we found a little dell, slightly protected from sight, with bluebells everywhere. I took her top off and took some photos of her massive 36JJ tits, then we fucked, sucked and licked.

My wife really turned me on by talking dirty to me. She likes being fucked hard, and when I have to keep stoppijng in case I cum too early, she obvioulsy doesn't like it. So she was teasing me.

She kept saying that someone was probably watching, that if I didn't fuck her hard, then she would invite them over and let them show me how it was done properly. She kept talking in the manner, how she wanted someone else to join us and for her to suck on their dick, and she would show me how it was done properly.

She knows this kind of degrading talk turns me on, and I'm sure she loves teasing me and deep down she would like to be watched and who knows what else......

Then she demanded I fuck her from behind really hard until I was ready to cum, then she wanted to swallow my cum, so I obliged. She was down on my cock quicker than you can blink and she took it all into her mouth. Then she gargled and played with it in her mouth like those sluts do in the films and she tilted her head back and swallowed.

Pitty nobody was there to see it........