Written by stockings4me

11 Oct 2010

I decoded to go and do some work what I know is a local "Spot", aminly Bi Men but what the hell. Working away on my laptop in the car, a man looks in my window at my laptop screen.

"Can I help?" I ask.

The gentelman replied he woundered if I was watching any porn, which I hd not and said so (not that I dont BTW). He was quite bold and told me he was just out walking and that should I wish, he lived just half a mile away. Thanking him for his advance, I declined.

A short wqhile later, having finished my work, and now feeling quite horny I slipped in a DVD to my laptop and started to play with myself in the car. I noticed the guy was dtill sat in his car and decided that I may aswell see if the offer still stood.

I drove up to him and wound my window down, asking if he wanted to take mne to his place.

We left the car park and rove the short disctance to his house, walked upstairs, turned to face each other, the small chat finished and he put his hand on my groin, whre my cock was semi erect. I un did my zip and he took my cock in his hands, saying how nice it looked, shaved and cut. Kneeling down he licked my tip which sent shivers through me.

I put my hand down onto his gorwing bulge, and was surprised by how big this man was. I have not held or sucked a cock before, although I have been sucked myself and n]knew it was now or never. I knelt down in front of him and slowly pulled down his zip, out came a lovely fat cock which I took in both hands and sgtarted to message up and down.

Lifting his shaft up I licked his balls, hairy and musty and took one of his balls into my mouth. Rooling my tongue around his ball he moaned and his thick knob twitched in my hand.

We laid down in a 69 with me on the floor, I felt a warmth on my tool and slowly he slipped his mouth over my shaft, warm and wet just like a womans pussy, but so much more excitting as this was a man, who's name I did not know, sucking me off, whilst I held his cock and sucked his large end. Getting more excitied I started to get more of his lenght in my nouth, surprised by how good it felt, filling my mouth, his balls touching my nose.

I knew I was not going to last long and started to move my hands up and down this monster whilst keeping his goergoeus end in my mouth. I could feel my cock starting to twitch as he worked my length up and down his throat. I dred to press a figure against his ass hole and was rewarded with the large twitch of his cock and a push into my mouth.

Taking both hands I worked his cock just as I knew I was about to come, he wrapped his lips around me and took every single drop of cum, I continued to work his cock hard until a jet of cum splasehed onto my face. My first propre Bi encounter

Who knows when it may happen again or where, tahnk you whatever your name was.