Written by unknown

23 Nov 2008

just back from a night out i'm a 47yr old married woman i'm out going and get on with most people i'm a flirt like most women of my age until last night nothing ever happened i wa sout with a few girl friends and we went to a club and got chatting to a few who tried to chat us up at the end of the evening we all went our seperate ways i was in the taxi queue and this guy about 35 or so chatted to me he asked where i was going i said i'm married but he laughed and said it's just to share a taxi which we did he got out at my stop walked me along the road and i said i go up here now which he replied ok kiss me good night then i did thinking that was that as he kissed me his tongue went straight down my throat i reacted by doing the same to him before i knew it we were against a hedge he put his hand straight up my skirt and started to rub my fanny i let him not knowing what else to do as he fingered me i came he finger fucked me good and hard three fingers at a time we were interupted thank god or i might of let him fuck me i got home feeling horny and got my vib out and fucked myself really good i will look out ofr him next week and i will let him fuck me do you think i wrong to enjoy myself at 47 even though i'm married and i love my hubby but it's a fantasy come true i cant help frigging myself thinking of next weekend