Written by jan

19 Oct 2011

hey , i often think about my farmshop fun with the bosses 16 year old son edd , even though im 44 , never cum as hard and as much as idid when he filled me full of his young spunk,it was a big risk no protection baby making wise but by god sooo turned on,then 3 days ago i bumped into edd on the high street , as we started to chat i cold feel my self getting turned on my nipples were rocked hard and as wrong as it is this 16 year odl was making my panties very damp .ed said he had to go but said we should catch up ,so asked me go into the farm shop that night after it shut help him sweep up then have a good old catch up ,with that i went home , straight to the bedoom , stripped lay on the bed with one hand started to pinch and play with my nipples ,with my other hand i was soon playing with my very wet pussy,by now i was so turned on really need a good fucking , know so know it was wrong but i just wanted that young 16 year old cock in me wanted feel like and to cum like ed made me b4 ,i got dressed putting on my tiny white panties tighest jeans and tight t shirt but no bra ,i knew would have to change into overals in the little staff room and if ed was there wanted him to see and hoped he would be tempted by seeing my large bare tits and nipples , i got to the farm shop and see ed he was chatting to 2 other lads both around 16 years old he told me to get changed make a start be with me in a little bit , as i walked passed the othe 2 lads i could feel their young eyes staring right at my tits ,realsing with this t shirt could see the shape of my nipples clearly , this thouhgt turned me on even more , once in the staff room i listened till all was quite, thinking 2 other lads would be gone so ed would come in, so with my back to the door, very slowly took of my shoes ,then as i started to undo my jrans i heard the door open ,. knowing ed was there i took my jeans of then with my hands shaking i removed t shirt i wanted to be fucked by this 16 so bad by now ,i slowly turned round to face him , as i opened my eyes there in front of me were ed and the 2 other 16 year olds , all three were naked all 3 had hard cocks and were looking at me in just panties and my big bare tits , one lad bluted out he had never seen such large nipples , b4 i could think they were next to me with within seconds 3 sets of young hands were touch my tits as soon as ed pinched hard one a nipple i just groaned out loud and felt my panties fill wilth my juices, iwas now so dizzy really did feel weak at the knees,they guided me over and lay me back on the table, all i can rember saying was no no we cant its not right no , but even though i was saying this i was powerless to stop them to be very honest didnt want them to ,as i lay there the 2 new lads moved and stood either side of me, and ed in front all 3 looking at me , ed then gently lent forward and put his hands on my waiste then slowly moved them down to my panties again i said no ,no we cant , but then i felt a hand from chris cup my left boob and pinch my very large nipple , with that i gave out one long loud groan sending juice into my panties, with that ed removed my panties ,there i was naked , 2 very large hard npples and a soaking wet pussy laying in front of three 16 year old boys ,ed then pushed my knees apart and told chris , go on fuck her as he moved to in between my legs ,i suddenly panicked, protection must wear a rubber i blurted out ,one thing getting away with it with just ed but now 3 young lads were to fuck me all that youthful spunk only needs one little sperm ,id be pregnant.... i said again no not without protection , as i said this felt ian and ed take a tit each and start to play pinch lick a nipple each i stopped saying protection and groaned even longer and louder, as i groaned again chris pushed i young cococ deep into my pussy , with that all i could was groan moaning so loud now, my head was spinning i was so turned on had a 16 year fucking me and 2 16 year ols by now sucking my nipples never ever felt like this baby or not i couldnt stop now , with that chris got faster and faster i feilt him tense then that was it he came pumping his teenage sperm into me , i screamed out a deep groan as i felt his sperm enter my pussy ,he then moved round to my side and b4 i knew it ian was fucking me for all his worth , all the time i just kept cuming groanig i was on such a high i can rember grabing chrises spunk coverd cock pulling him close then licking and suckig the mixture of spunk and love juice from his cock ,then feeling ian tense and spunk into my allready spunk filled pussy , as ed went to move round , i stopped him i want his cock so bad but wanted to fuck him , i told him to lay on the table , then igot ontop of him with spunk dripping from my pussy onto his cock and tight balls i lowered my pussy down onto his cock when i had all his i6 year old cock in me i started to ride him o my god i have never felt anything like it , felt so so so fucking good i was groan moaning non stop cuming over and over again ian and chris were now wanking them selves watching me fuck ed , i lent forward letting my 34dd tits hover over eds face my nipples have never been so hard or that big they stuck out a good 2 inches , as ed lent forward he took a whole nipple into his mouth started to suck i then started to ride his beautiful young cock for all i was worth he then bite on my nipple and i exploded the bigges longest orgasm i have ever had , couldnt breath soooo powerful then anothe orgasm rocked my body then with a large youthful groan edd came filling me with even more sperm , i collapsed laying ontop of him with my pussy still throbing around his cock , this had ben thebest sex i had ever had never felt anything like it , we all got dressed talking about how good it had been how we all wanted to do it again went home with sore nipples sore pussy filled full of 16 years spunk mmmmmmmmm