Written by jan

17 Feb 2011

hi my names jan im 45 i have been working a farm shop for 9 months now two brothers david and andrew owned it, and davids youngest son edd who was 17just 1 week ago worked with us, for the last month all 4 of us had been having a great laugh,must admit loved to flirt with them ,and had started to notice andrew and david, ooking and watching me ,found this very sexy and started wearing tight jeans and a tighter work t shirt,then last monday at the end of work, i went into staff room which had a table in the middle and pegs for cothes,i took my jeans of and then my t shirt of turned around and there stood david in the door way watching me,i stood in front of him in panties and bra which barely held my 34e tits , i could feelmy self getting turned on as we chatted , i slowly got dressed all the time david wathched me, that night couldnt stop thinking about it it was turning me on like mad,i decided id give him a realshow the next day, so went to work in my tightest jeans and tightest work top i could find which made my tits look even bigger, the whole day i flirted like mad withe the guys, and buy the time it came to packing up i was so turned on , i went to the staff room , started taking of my jeans , i heard a noise by the door and new it was david , so after my jeans i took of t shirt, then trembling i removed my bra letting my large tits swing free, then i took a deep breath and turned to face him, but as i did there in front of me was david andrew and edd, al three looking at me standing in just tiny white panties,with my large nipples rock hard,be for i could say anything david and andrew took me over to the tabe and got me to lay on it, i couldnt believe what was happening my panties were by now soaking,i layed on the table lokking up at david and andrew ,then i felt their hands on my thighs sliding them up over my bare belly stopping just befor my aching tits,then david said what ever happens im not to come yet, god if only he knew how close i was to cuming,with that their hands moved over my large rock hard nipples pinching them teasing them,i was haveing to bite my lipsohard to stop myself from coming then david lent forward and told me that iwas going give edd his first fucking, god nearly bit through my lip i was now trembling so much soturned on it was so wrong but so fucking horney , three days ago he was fifteen now iwas about to let him fuck me,i then fet them removing my panties, i was now laying ona table nude large rock hard nippes a sopping pussy ,,and o my god edd is standing in front of me naked ,only fifteen 3 days ago no im about to let him take me for his first fuck,as i ey looking at his young body i see his gorgous young cock standind to attention, and him looking at my arge tits and , i fee andrew and david spread my legs apart revealing my sopping wet pussy ,as i see edd look at my pussy i have to bite my lip so hard to stop mysef cuming there and then, ,david then said go on edd shes dying for it ,wth that edd stepped between my legs with my pussy just on edge of table , but then realised he had no protection on, rubber first i said ,but david and andrew held a wrist each and said bareback, befor i coud say another word edds young bare cock was touching my pussy lips i managed one last no ,before he pushed his very young cock in me , my god did i scream it felt so good ,lost control they let my arms go pulled edd onto me the first time he pushed all the way in i come like never befor , culdnt stop screaming my juices were flowing so much just coudnt stop cuming edd got faster and faster o my bloody god when he shot his load thought i was never going to stop cumming felt like he pumped gallons into me once he climbed of just ley there for ages a 16 year had jus given me the best fuck ever xx