Written by unknown

16 Nov 2008

We were laying in bed after Ted (husband) had fucked me, i asked him if he had any more fantisies.He said that he wanted me to become a prostitute.

I have often fantasised about this, so friday night had arrived the kids were with my mum and i walked down stairs in a short denim skirt black stockings a black thong (that was soaking wet) knee lenth boots a black bra and a see through blouse, with heavy make up i looked like a dirty whore.

Ted drove me to the red light area and dropped me off fuck i was so horny.

Before i hade time to light a ciggerete a car pulled up, i knew Ted would be watching so i thought i would act the part.

In a sexy voice i lent in the car and said i am the dirtiest prostitute in the area he told me to get in, he was early fifties and very good looking for his age. He asked how much to fuck you in a car park so people could watch? I would have done it for free but said £150 He paid me the money then put his hand between my legs, he couldnt belive how wet i was.

we pulled up in a car park and started to play with my pussy he asked how dirty i was, i told himi was his whore for the next hour with that he kissed me then told me to get his cock out and what a cock, out the corner of my eye i noticed Ted looking as well as five other men. My punter then got out of the car and told the strangers that the whore he was with was to do as she was told, with that he told me to get out of the car and let them wank over me. so i did as i was told i sat on the floor lifted my skirt up and asked them to wank over me and spunk where they like.

Within seconds i had five pairs of hands al over me and my husband was wanking near my face calling me a dirty whore i was loving it. one of the men said he was coming and wanted to spunk over my knickers then the cock in my mouth emptied his load i was covered in spunk and i have never felt so horny.Then Ted shouted that someone should fuck the bitch, ten minites later and threee cocks later i got back in the car and he droped me back,Ted picked me up took me home and told me that was my job from now on. Lucky me