Written by unknown

4 Aug 2009

My hubby R and me had planned this night for weeks and we were both looking forward to a great night but as it happened we both got more than we had bargained for.

We had planned to go to a friends party then on to a near by swingers club for our first ever swing meet.

Once at the party we both got chatting to different groups of couples who wer mutual friends of friends and it soon became apparent that things were getting very flirty and heated, R met up with me at the bar and was all over me, and I was already wet having being groped and fondled by 3 different guys R let me know that 2 of the girls in the little group he was chatting with had let him know that they were more than interested in joining us. we agreed to meet up outside and for them to let us follow them as they knew where the club was.

The 3 guys who had their hands all over me earlier had also agreed to come along and had been joined by 2 very horny looking girls about 25-30 years old.

We all left in a little convoy to the club and were greeted by a couple in their 40's who let us know that all of the play rooms were situated upstairs and gave each one of us a little peck and fondle before we entered the main club area.

The music was thumping and everyone there seemed very relaxed although nobdy was actually dancing on the empty dancefloor. We soon put a stop to that as all of us girls started gyrating against each other getting all of the guys even hotter we were soon joined by some of the other girls who were there and a few single guys without warning one of the girls kim started to strip off and let everyone view her tight pert body, it was like a green light had been turned on as we all whipped off our tops and two of the guys start sucking on kims nipples. The club owner came over and suggested that we take the action to the play rooms as some of the members could be intimmidated by our show, we all agreed and almost run up the stairs to the 5 playrooms it was like a mass fuck fest bodys and swopping everywhere, i lost count of how many cocks i sucked and fucked that night but i loved every minute of it, and R said that at one point he saw at least 5 guys on the bed with me. I had every holes well and truly serviced that night and even had a double-ender session with the 2 super hot girls who had come with us and kim fucked me senseless with a strap on that she had with her fucking my pussy and my arse. R was'nt left out because when i did get a look into one of the rooms he had 2 girls sucking on his cock while he was giving Chloe a friend of ours a good licking and fisting.

Since that night we have visited the club a few times and have been to a few private parties with our new found circle of friends