Written by ally

28 Jul 2014

my wife is 39yrs 5ft 8 size 12 36d firm boobs she knows she is sexy and enjoys being watched in her bikini or anyone spying on her getting undressed. she likes to walk about in her under wear wen we visit friends or when people stay so they get an eyeful. on holiday in a caravan last year she was walking about in her underwear teasing an older guy next to us who was watching, the site was quiet so I thought things may go further, so at night I dared her to go into the awning naked. Our friend was watching and she put a show on for him bending over. Later that night I was in the showers and the guy next to us was in, we chatted and I could see an impressive lump under his towel. he dropped the towel and went into the showers his cock was huge hanging down a good 7inches or so and very thick. H e saw my face and said bet your wife doesn't know I have that out when I have been watching her. I told him I was going to tell her and he should let her see it tonight. I told Ann about his huge cock and she was very excited it was very dark by 9pm and only our two caravans in one corner ann went out into the awning naked and sure enough our friend was there she bent over showing off her tight bum and he opened the door and was naked sporting a huge hard on. Ann got a shock at how big he was and so did I. At my suggestion we went to the shower block ann wrapped in a towel, he followed us, there was only one light on at the far end Ann took off her towel and stood there naked next to a shower cubicle, our friend got undressed and followed her into the dark cubicle she leaned back against a seat opening her legs and started stroking her pussy. He moved close to her touching her boobs and she took his huge cock in her hand he must have been at least 10inches and as thick as her wrist. she leaned back opening her legs and he stood between her and she started rubbing his cock over her pussy lips and every so often dipping the huge head just in between her pussy gasping every time. then after a while she moved position and put the head of his cock inside and held his cock with both hands wanking him. he didn't last long and sprayed loads of cumm all over her belly and boobs.

We went back to the caravan and both fucked Ann I couldn't believe it when he took her from behind sinking his full length deep inside her belly, she went wild talking dirty and telling him to cumm in her womb. it was the best sex we have ever had and unexpected.