Written by markusoo7

12 May 2008

i was going out with this girl called emma,she was just 18 but because of the age we had to go out in my car to meet.we would never go to our parents house or they would well kick off.

one evening we were proper horny so i took her for a drive into the dales.we ended up in this car park overlooking a really lovely view of the yorkshire dales.it was about 8.30pm and it was getting dark so i started to mess about with emma to see if i could get her to suck my dick and she did.i was suprised cos we were in this carpark and anybody could just turn up.

we got it on big style and we ended up fucking in the frnt seat.when all of a sudden she stopped and said "fuck me theres somebody at the window",i looked up and saw two silloettes of what were two males.

they were obviously doing something because you could see there hand going for it.

emma just grabbed me and said fuck me.

i got turned on cos she did and we fcuked for ages.

eventualy she got up and wound the window down which i couldnt believe and she just took these two cocks into her mouth and sucked both of them off.

i just wanked stupid of this lovely site i was seeing.

she started to moan and by this time i knew both these men were cumming in her little sweet mouth which in turn made me cum.

it was the best dogging experiance ive ever had.