Written by blewboy

19 Oct 2009

There's something so indulgent in having a fuck buddy who pulls up outside the house with her main aim in mind: as she got out of the car a flash of fishnet signalled that Miu had come dressed for the occasion. Call me cheesy but there's still nothing better than a fishnet-clad leg to send a frisson through my loins. They mean one thing only. As I helped her inside with her bags I realised that she'd kept her promise and even brought her own food. What else could a man want? My Japanese woman dressed for sex who was turned up to cook for me as well. Thank you God.

After the door was shut I pounced on Miu who giggled shyly as I latched my mouth onto hers then pulled off her clothes. I'd been in a state of arousal all day at the thought of her hand and mouth skills coupled with that quiet subservience that only Japanese women practice. I wanted to make the most of Miu so an orgasm now would give me time to recover and make the most of her during the evening. I fancied a blow job for starters before I allowed her to start her Eastern cuisine thing in the kitchen.

She knew what I wanted, fumbling for my zip after my hardness had pressed against her belly. "Sit down, sit down. Let me play." She pressed me back onto the sofa and delved into my trousers to pull me out. She licked her lips, eyes never straying from my bulging end, and opened her mouth. I went straight in. Oh the hot ecstasy. The warmth of her mouth round my shaft. Miu seems to drift to another world when she blows me. Her eyes glaze slightly and she puts her whole attention to sucking then licking along my length. Now and again she fondles my balls and jiggles them with her tongue before running it back up my shaft to take me in her mouth again. I moan in pleasure and run my hands through her thick black hair as the sensation slowly builds somewhere deep in the base of my cock.

I'd once wanted to cum on Miu's face but she stuffed me between her lips at the last minute. Hence, I know she is happy to swallow rather than get the sticky stuff on her perfect make-up and glossy mane. With her eyes half closed and her cheeks sucked in she continues to bob away on me. I open my legs wider and push her head forward so my length is almost gaggig her. The glorious sensation is almost at boiling point and she increases her efforts as she senses I am close. "Yes, yes. Good girl." That's my warning to her not to stop and she takes the hint as I explode in her mouth. The wonderful orgasm goes on and on in a way that only blow jobs do. I buck my hips and tense my stomach. Miu keeps her face latched onto my cock, taking the last drops then expertly slowing her rhythym as I subside into that warm post-orgasm glow.