Written by unknown

1 Apr 2008

my wife is 47yrs old she has a good figure for her age & is very beautiful, it all started a few months earlier while we were away with friends for the weekend we all got very drunk as we were out all day and into the night when we got back to the hotel the girls went to bed in fact my wife i had to put her to bed she could'nt even take her clothes off so i helped her off with her dress,i left her there on the bed in just her bra and thong went down to the bar to meet my mate after a few more drinks i was telling him how i'd left her he said his wife was so fridgit he wouldn't even bother trying to get his end away i sid i will be we finished our drinks & he said we'd better get to bed as we had to check out at 11am and it was about 4am, on our way up i said get off at my floor and folow me i told him to stand near the door once i shut it were it was very dark we went in he stood there not knowing what to expect as he'd known my wife longer than i had, i went straight over to the bed & put a side light on she was lying there on her side oblivious to what was about to happen i loosened her bra she kinds woke up and then went back to sleep i slipped off her bra and rolled her onto her back then started to suck her nipples i could see my mate getting hard 7 excited i moved her thong to one side and started to rub her slit and her clit she moaned very softly and opened her legs i began to lick her moist pussy she was getting very wet i lifted the blanket over her head and beconed my mate over he was very nervous and was shaking his head no. iwent over to him i could see he was bursting out of his jeans and said just kneel in front of her nad start fingering her & licking her after telling him a few times he nervously did he was lapping her juices up he then lifted himself up and started to lick / bite her nipples while fingering her she was moaning her legs wide open & her pussy pouring with her cum, he came back over to me and said you fuck her i'll watch you so i thrust my dick slowly into her she shuddered and i could see him with his cock in his hands wanking away anyway after i cum i let him out and the next day he said he wanked about 4 times since then about her, anyway a month or so passed and we had talked about it on and off over the weeks, my daughters wedding arrived we had a great day and night & had booked into the hotel all weekend as we had friends staying there, the next day we all went out about 12 o'clock around Newcastle quayside for a meal then on the drink by about 7pm we were all well served my mate had headed home as he had work the next day so the rest of us headed back to the hotel about an hour later i had to put my wife to bed as she was pissed as a fart so again left here ther on the bed she had a above the knee low cut dress on and she has a good pair of tits and the biggest nipples i've ever sucked, my friends wife was still there as she didn't come out until 5pm and so were my other friends having a good time as they were still celebrating when a thought come to mind i rang my mate & said come back down i've had to put her to bed pissed he said my wife's down there i said it's ok i will meet you on the floor we were on just txt me so 20 mins later he was there i slipped away saying i'm just away to check on her as i met him i gave him my key and told him to let himself in i'd be behind him to go in and start kissing here and do whatever he wanted to do i said if she says anything just say you gave me the key & said come along when everyones away drinking as she would of thought we were back along the quayside, hesitantly he opened the door i stood behind him the bathroom light was on so i stood back & watched he walked over and started to take her dress off she said what are you doing here in a pissed state not wakening he told her he was putting her to bed she didn't resist he slipped off her dress and pulled it off her lying there she was in her thong and bra he started kissing her neck & shoulders and cupping her tit she didn't say anything he looked at me and i nodded go for it he slipped a tit out & started to flick her nipple with his tongue it went hard straight away he then started to rub her fanny she whimpered no he slipped his fingers inside her thong rubbing her cunt and started to put one finger in then another as he sucked her tit her legs opened wide he started rubbing her harder and harder she cum and started bucking her back up he knelt and started to remove her thong then buried his head deep inside her soaking wet cunt lips i could hear him slurping and lifting her up by her arse cheeks he then dropped his trousers his cock was thin but very long & circumsised he walked over to her and placed it on her lips she took it without hesitation sucking wildly still with her eyes shut he kept thrusting it further & further in until it was all in he cum and i could see his cum coming out the sides of her lips while she sucked him he then entered her still hard as rock thrusting and she started to thrust against him in time moaning fuck me harder fuck me harder he then knelt above her and tit wanked het she was holding them so it didn't fall out of her massive breasts the he turned her over and started banging away doggy style the noise of her wet cunt and his balls slapping of her was so loud she was screaming yes fuck me hard he then slipped out of her and started rubbing his bell end up & down her wet cunt lips and slapping it on her arse then all of a sudden he put his bell end to the tip of her arse hole and gently entered her she whimpered a bit but after a few strokes if was all in the full 10" up to his balls he started banging away again i was wanking ready to erupt in the corner she then said i want to go on top i thought she might see me but she didn't seem to open her eyes just straddled him and placed his hard long cock to the entrance of her lips and fell on top of it jerking away fucking his brains out so to speak there was cum flying all ovr the place the room smelt of cum and pussy juice he thrust and she screamed and flopped on top of him he lay her there sucking her tits got off her and got ready and left i went down stairs he sneaked out his wife thinking he was home in bed, after they all went home & to bed i went into the room she was still lying there naked cum dripping out of her hole so i thought i might as well lick her dry which i did and then i fucked her again the next morning her cunt was well open & used. my friend has mentioned it to her but she does'nt believe him until he told her what she was wearing underneath i'm waiting for the next time i think she might be as well i will let you know in time