Written by dobin

22 Sep 2009

As a single guy myself I got myself caught up in a battle on here with another guy claiming to be a couple, it isnt that unusual to be teased only to find out that there is no fem to the "˜couple' and of course some men pretending to be women. However, this guy insisted that he was a couple but had no picture to prove there was a lady involved so I kept on badgering him until he suggested that his fem partner (as they were a couple not married) contacted me to prove it.

I gave him my mobile number and within a few minutes I got a text saying who it was, obviously I still smelled a rat and my reply stated this and my reasons why, I suggested that she actually called me and then I would be happy to continue with the meeting that the guy was so interested to have.

When she called she sounded utterly wonderful, a sexy voice, soft and very sweet and understanding, she was livid with her boyfriend who had not even discussed a meeting with her so I thanked her and said our goodbyes. Later on I text her again and started up a chat that finished up with me laying on my bed calling her again with the hard on from hell and her reaching an orgasm through the chat that went on.

We agreed to meet and on the day I was as nervous as hell, drinking some wine in the pub we chatted but I seemed to get nowhere and decided it was time to go, maybe the chemistry wasn't there, I said well, its been great to meet you but think we better go now, she said ok, follow me then!!! Totally shocked as I thought I was being dumped I followed her in the car to her beautiful small house and we sat on a setee and I kissed her. Ok she said, where were we on the phone?? Err I think I was licking her pussy so I told her, she stood up and wriggled from her trousers and dropped her little thong to reveal the shaven haven that I dreamt about, she was slim and sexy and her boobs were quite big and within seconds I was between her legs lapping at that sweet pussy I felt I had already tasted and reaching under her blouse to feel those amazing tits"¦ now, what I hadnt told you was that I was a good 20 years older than her and when I went up to kiss her she reached into my trousers to search for my cock , when she found it she gasped, wow u are a big boy, I think you had better get these off, pulling at my clothes.

I didn't need a second chance and was naked in seconds and she too had removed the rest of her clothes, she stood up, and holding my hard cock walked towards the satirs and I had no choice but to follow, on the stairs I stopped her and bent her over, her arse stuck in my face as I licked again at her juicy hole, she and I were on fire "¦ on the bed I slipped between her legs and entered her with one huge thrust and her first dramatic orgasm took place, writhing screaming and soaking my cock and balls with her love juice, once she calmed I was able to fuck her long and hard strokes until another less violent orgasm hit her"¦

She made me lay back and she went to work on my cock as I was able to slip a hand under her to finger her cum soaked clit, she was an amazing lover and her blow job was by far the best I have ever had, taking me to the edge and then dropping me back, teasing me and my swollen balls to hell saying that she had a much better place for my spunk. I soon found out that it was to be deep in her cunt as I mounted her doggy style she took the full length of me with ease, doing most of the work I sensed her orgasm again and shouted that I was cumming, she went wild and within a few long deep strokes I was ready to pump my juioce deep inside her and not to disapoint she came as my spunk hit deep inside her, her juice mingled with mine we collapsed, with my cock still in her from behind and I kept pumping away, trying to stop the hard on going down and succeeding she couldn't believe it and after lifting her leg (we now lid on our side) I was able to give her a huge fucking that she was in need of. As we lay there her phone rang and the boyfriend asked her what she was doing etc , she said she was tired so went to bed early and blew him out. Apparently he wasn't her full time boyfriend just a fuck buddy that took the piss. He was now a thing of the past and she and I had the next few months of amazing sex at every chance possible, she never realised that at my age I could maintain a hard on for so long or so big"¦ age don't matter its what is in your head.I am still friends with her and I still get my sex regularly from various girlfriends but I will never forget this beautiful babe.