Written by unknown

3 Dec 2008

It started out innocent enough with us just flirting online in a forum we know.

Today however the flirting took on real meaning and the personal messages we were sending meant that i knew he was up for real sex tonight.

We flirted on and off all day telling each other what we do to each other if we had the chance to. I promised to suck his cock so hard he would cum all over my face, he promised to fuck me so hard i would scream. You know the sort of thing i mean.

Tonight i sent him a message saying i was going for a shower and he was to ring me for directions to find out where i lived. As i was stood soaping all over my body the phone rang. He was 5 minutes away and he wanted to know where i lived.

I quicky rinsed off the soap and stepped out of the shower, he had his directions and he knew where to find me and how wet i was - quite literally.

I waited for the front door to open, he knew where i was supposed to be, however as the door opened he was in for a surprise, there i was suplicant to him, laid back supporting myself with my arms behind me, mouth wide open waiting for his cock to be placed in it. He didnt disappoint me, he dropped his trousers and boxers and struggled to get out of them so that he had free reign of himself as he put his rock hard cock into my willing mouth.

He grabbed hold of the back of my head and whilst he was grabbing my wet hair he rammed his cock deep and hard into my mouth. 'Suck this bitch' he said. I could feel the heat welling within me and i took his cock deep into the back of my throat, sucking as hard as i could as he pounded away at me. I could feel him getting harder and longer in my mouth but i didnt want him to cum just yet, my pussy needed sorting out and i needed his great big cock to make me cum.

He was well aware that i needed him and after a few more thrusts he withdrew his cock and motioned for me to turn over. How could i be so turned on by a man that had so far only growled at me and called me names? I didnt care i so wanted him to fuck me that i was on my knees and elbows as quick as i could turn over. I spread my legs wide and be knelt behind me with his massive cock and nudged the entrance to my pussy with it. Before i knew it the words 'Please fuck me' were out of my mouth and i was begging him to ram me with his rock hard cock.

His cock was eased slowly into my waiting pussy and i moaned as he finally got the full length into me, he felt enormouse to me as he rocked back and forth, not quite putting his cock all the way in each time. I started to thrust back at him as he pushed forwards and very soon we had a rythym going, enough of one to make me start to cum. I could feel him building to his climax as i reached mine. 'Fuck me harder' was all i managed to mutter to him as i literally cried out with pleasure as i came around his cock. Seconds later he gripped the back of my neck with his right hand and held onto my left breast as he drew back and pounded hard and fast as he came inside me.

We slowed down, we had to as we could not continue at that pace any longer. I felt completely sated and well fucked, he just knelt there, head bowed and said nothing. Until he raised his head and grinned at me i wasnt even sure that he had enjoyed himself.

He stood, got dressed and then made for the door. 'Type to you tommorow' were his only words before he let himself out the door.