4 Jun 2019

I had a mate who asked me if I play golf and when I said no but would'nt mind having a go ,he said he would teach me.This I took up and we went on a weekly basis.One day coming back in his motor he mentioned he had a mates wife who asked him to take her upstairs.I said what did you say.He said I can't do that,your husband is a mate.He then asked me what he should do.I said get in there,she obviously wants you and needs you and who's to know.Just give it to her.Little did I know he was talking about my wife.

She spent the next year or so taking him on a regular basis and during lovemaking I told her I had given him permission to fuck her.I've yet to drag the stories out of her but he was of a good physique so i'm looking forward to what she will tell me.

We've had a lifetime of her telling me about men fucking her which gives me enormous hard ons.I have many stories of her spunk taking over the years but my main aim is to be present and take part in a threesome whilst watching her take the spunk.