Written by cuckcouple

3 Nov 2007

My wife and I share the fantasy of her seeing another guy, hopefully developing into a fuckbuddy/boyfriend relationship. Last week we took a step closer..

It started about 4pm on Monday afternoon, I got a call from her, she was quite short on the phone giving orders raher than a conversation - she said "Hi hun, I want you home on time tonight, I have a date tonight with Dan from work and I need you to help me get ready" I made sure I got back for 6pm, I pulled up to see her mx5 already on the drive, I?m in trouble I thought!

I went up the stairs, Susan was inthe bedroom sat on the bed her gorgeous size 12 figure in just a skimpy black G string and her 36d breasts pushed up (not that they needed it!) by a sexy black padded wonderbra. She was looking into the mirror and carefully curling her hair with her GHD strengtheners "your late, I need that dress ironed and my boots cleaned and I need to be there for 7pm" I took the sexy black shirt dress and carefully ironed it, my heart was beating fast and my mind wondering which boots she had in mind for the evening. I returned to the bedroom with the dress, "thank you slave, now clean my boots for me. My black bronx ones" I knew exactly which ones she meant, black leather knee high boots with sexy pointed toes and a killer 4" heel. As I lifted them from her wardrobe I dared to say "these are a bit sexy for a Monday night aren?t they?" "Well Im sure Dan will appreciate them then!" she said as she applied some mascara in front of the mirror.

I placed my hand inside the boot and zipped it up my arm before applying the polish ensuring all the scuffs were covered, I even cleaned the mud off the sexy thin heels before lovingly buffing the sexy black leather to an expert gleam. I returned to the bedroom with my wifes boots to see her stood there her long brunette hair in sexy loose curls, sexy make up and wearing the tight black shirt dress with a few buttons left undone to show her ample cleavage. She sat down the edge of the bed and offered me her left foot. I meekly knelt in front of her and helped her delicate size 4 foot into the boot. I struggled to get the heel in, before she pressed down - the heel pushing into my crotch. The slow zipping up of the sexy boots was accompanied with a nervous jealously, but an overriding feeling of hornyness as I encased my wifes foot in the sexy tight knee high leather. As I zipped up the other boot I caressed her delicate ankle through the leather and felt the length of the exquisite boot before she brushed me away, standing to check her outfit in the mirror.

She made a final application of lipgloss, before getting her matching black leather bag and heading downstairs. The 'clicking' of the metal tipped heels on the wooden stairs sounding sexy as hell. "I need some money, and a lift into town" I loved the humiliation of having to pay for her to go on her date with another guy, and passed her ?60 before grabbing my car keys. We went out to my car, I was hoping that the neighbours werent looking out. I gentlemanly opened the passenger door for her. As I sat in the drivers seat I couldnt help but glance at her sexy breasts in that tight dress, the exposed thighs and her toned legs in those sexy knee boots. "I said I would meet Dan at the Peacock then head into town" I pulled up on the opposite side from the pub, she lent over and whispered in my ear "dont wait up" pecked me on the cheek and got out. I starred into the wing mirror at my sexy wife walking away in her 4" stiletto heels, her tight ass in that dress and her long hair looking raunchy down her back. My eyes were still fixed on her boots as she disappeared into the pub.

I returned home, surfed the net a bit watched some tv then finally went to bed at about 11, no sign of Susan. I woke just after midnight at the sound of the door closing and her heels on the wooden floor. She opened the bedroom door, I looked round clearly aroused. "Hi Hun how are you" she asked undoing the buttons of her shirt dress, until she was stood over the bed in just her black thong, wonderbra and boots. "Horny" I replied, she laughed " OK well I suppose its your turn"but first these boots have got dirty would u mind. She snapped her fingers, I hadnt noticed earlier that she had had her nails done that day, sexy gleaming white nail extensions, obviously not for my benefit. I lay on the floor, "clean my boots slave" I eagerly licked my wifes boots, licking clean the gritty soles wondering where she had been in them all night. As I began on the other boot (only after being made to suck clean the 4" heel) there was a used cigarette end stuck to the sole that I had to lick off. Once she was satisfied that her boots were up to standard I was allowed back into bed. "You are banned from f*cking me though, becuase Im saving myself for Dan" my c*ck was throbbing "but I will play with that little c*ck for you" I felt my wifes new sharp nail extensions wrap round my c*ck as my booted bitch tossed me. When I was done I had to unzip and remove her boots, "by the way I think I will wear my white stillettos for work tomorrow as I might see Dan there, make sure they are clean for me in the morning!" Susan then made love to her long thick vibrator, clearly turned on by her night out I watched but was not allowed to join in, after that I rolled over and went to sleep, my mind wondering what had all gone on but I was too tired to interrogate her fully!