Written by lion64

30 Dec 2008

As my marriage was just about over I started to look on adult dating sites similar to this one, this particular evening my wife was out for the night with the girls from work so it was out with the laptop. I was soon chatting and watching a live video stream, the women I was watching had a large vibrator forced up her puss and was loving every minute of it just as I was.

As I was chatting away to her my living room door burst open and there stood my wife's best friend Clare looking straight at my laptop screen, I could have died, I tried in vain to hit the x in the top corner but missed hopelessly. I shouted "it's not what you think" she just smiled and said "she's enjoying that", and sat down next to me her eyes glued to the screen. My friend on screen asked if I was still there, Clare grab the mic and replied "were both loving it", at that she placed her hand on my groin and started to rub my cock through my trousers. I couldn't think straight I was still in panic from being caught and yet I was even more turned on than ever before, I tried but couldn't help but respond to Clare and slid my hand up her top until it reached her breast. Clare is what I can only describe as extremely large breasted and what a handful I had in my right hand, as I began to massage her tits she let out a shirk. I rolled her nipples between my finger and thumb Clare responded by rubbing my cock faster and harder to the point where I was starting to cum. Clare's eyes were still glued to the computer screen when my friend had replaced the vibrator in her puss with her fingers as she slide them out they glistened with her juices. She spread her pussy lips and started to rub her clit vigorously, she squealed as she got to the point of no return Clare and I starred as her juices flowed from her pussy and down her leg. The computer screen went blank my friend had stopped broadcasting, Clare pulled my hand from her top stood up and said she had to go, I grab her arm and said "your not going to say anything to Jen ( my wife) are you" "write your user name down and I'll contact you on here".

Two weeks had passed I had not seen or heard from Clare and my wife hadn't said anything, I was in the clear what a relief. I was again back on the web site when a message came up Hi sexy I clicked on to view and who should be there but Clare, we chatted about what had happened she seamed quite relaxed about it and assured me it would be kept between the two of us. As we started to flirt we both turned on our web cams on, Clare asked if feeling her tits had turned me on, there was only ever going to be one answer to that and as I finished my reply she asked "how about a peek then" and at that she pulled her top up to expose the most wonderful pair of tits I'd ever seen encased in a black laced bra, " if you would like another grope be at my place in ten minutes" at that she ended our chat session. A larger bulge appeared in my trousers just thinking about releasing those beauties and sucking on them, but panic set in as thoughts of getting caught ran through my mind, fuck it I thought its now or never I jumped on my cycle and pedalled as fast as I could, it wasn't far but I was knacked by the time I arrived.

I knocked but there was no reply I tried the door it was open every where was quiet I called out but there was no reply, thinking this was a big mistake I turned towards the door to make my exit when Clare appeared from the kitchen I nearly shot my load just looking at her. Her tits were now free, my eyes were fixed to her nipples, I couldn't believe the size of them they must have been and inch long, the only thing she wore was a leather thong which didn't leave much to my imagination. She pulled me onto her and slide her hand straight down my jeans and grab my cock she squeezed it hard and whispered into my ear be prepared to be fucked. We stumbled towards the bedroom where we collapsed onto the bed, Clare ripped my trousers off and went straight to the 69 position, I couldn't believe what was happening her gleaming puss was just 2 inch from my tongue and waiting to be licked. I duly obliged and sucked her puss as I did she lower her mouth around my cock and started to slide up and down, with just a few strokes she had me on the verge of coming, she pulled away, knowing how excited she had made me and started to lick my balls giving me a chance to calm down. By now Clare's juices were flowing from her puss, her breathing had started to speed up, she spun round and now lying on top of me she grabed my cock guided it straight into her puss "I'm going to fuck you now" she yelled out , she held my hands down and started to fuck me, I responded to her every move both of us thrusting towards each other I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my load straight into her. The feeling as my cock exploded was from memory the most enjoyable I had ever had. Clare rolled off and went straight down on my cock and sucked both mine and her juices off my cock and instructed me to do the same for her, as I licked her puss she rapped her legs around my head forcing my head into her puss. "Don't think you getting away with it that easy "she said. As she released my head she handed me an 8 in vibrator I spread her lips and slowly forced it into her puss and turned it up to full speed as I glanced up at her I could see her massaging her tits and pinching her own nipples. She was loving it, I could tell by her movements she was getting close to coming, I pulled the vibrator out and replaced it with my cock sliding down deep into her soaking puss she shouted out "not in that hole try the other", I'd never fucked any one up the arse before and hesitated to pull out of her cunt, she screamed at me "fuck my arse " I pulled out and positioned my cock at her arsehole as I slowly pushed I could feel her hole starting to part and my cock starting to slide in, the pain from my cock forcing its way in disappeared and I felt a wave of please run through my body, as for Clare she was moaning like fuck. I started to fuck her arse with slow short strokes Clare's moans grew louder and louder, I didn't last long again I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my load right up her arse, I can't remember feeling my spunk pumping out my cock like it since I was in my late teens. I still hadn't made Clare cum, as I pulled out my cock from her arse she instructed me to suck her clit, she withered as I sucked and licked as hard and as fast as I could, her groans got louder and louder until she came. As we layed next to each other recovering she calmly said lets see if our watching public enjoyed that and opened her lap top up, fuck me she had been broadcasting it on the web. I screamed "what the fuck have you done" don't worry, look they enjoyed it, I read some of the comments ,my cock sprung back to life but that will have to wait for part 2.