Written by sweeney

31 Oct 2012

you have rad a couple of my story's, this one was from a friend of mine, his partner confirmed it is true. i'll call them tracy and tom, they met through work a few months previously, they were both into swapping etc and indeed attended a few parties etc, they met one couple that they became friendly with outside the swinging scene as well. the guy told them af a cinema that he attended before he met his wife, but hadnt been to for a while because his wife did'nt aprove. but he told tom of the goings on and tracy was very keen. to cut a long story short, tracy wanted tom to take her to this cinema, i'm not sure exactly where it is but i'm assuming edinburgh somewhere,its an hours drive from where they live, anyway she kept on at tom for weeks and he eventually gave in. he wasnt keen at all. this is what happened, and it is true they almost split because of it. it started on the thursday, they went to a party and it turned out not to be as busy as they usually are, it was near the holidays and most of the usual couples were missing, but there was plenty of singles mostly guys, anyway at one point tracy was in a small room that had a couple of matresses on the floor,it was her another girl and half a dozen guys, they were all shagging tracy, even the other girl was eating tracy out as she was getting fucked, the other girl remarked that the scene reminded her of the time she was taken to a sex cinema, etc etc. anyway on the way home tracy was biting tom's ear about going to a cinema, not sure where he found the cinema but he did and they went on the saturday afternoon, she dressed up in a teeny skirt and one of those blouses that tie in the front, no bra and a tiny thong. they got there at two thirtyish, there was two films on the cinema seated about 250, but there was only about 25 guys and a few couples in, they were all spread out but there were a few guy's sitting near each couple, when they got in they sat near the back to one side, near a couple of guys, but as the lights went down a few more guys came in, and some of the guy's already there moved closer, some asked if they minded sitting nearby but tom said no, he didnt know why they were asking to sit two or three seats near them, he didnt have to wait long to find out, a guy in his thirties sat beside tom and introduce himself, harry, he said hi mate you new here, not seen you before, i'm one of the regulars we sort of make sure your welcome and we make sure there's no hassle. harry told tom to watch the other couples and see what they get up to, some simply just want to watch the movies, as do some of the guys, he said now andagain we get a single girl coming in, anyway some couples like to have sex and sometimes allow some of the guys to watch and or join in, its up to you, tracey has been quiet up to now just watching the film and looking around, she commented that she expected to see dirty old guys in raincoats, harry said not nowadays, we still get one or two, but as they get regular the relax a bit when they get to know each other, he said fore instance watch that goup over there, pointing to a couple in the bottom left hand side with about half a dozen guy's around them, as the film got steamier the couple were getting a bit restless, as were some of the guys, anyway by this time the guys are moving closer to the couple and joining in, tom noticed tracy playing with herself and slipped his hand up her skirt, harry pipped up are you ok with the guy's watching you, tracey said hell no,its ok, it would turn me on, tom agreed, anyway they are watching the screen and the couple on the other side, but now toms kissing tracy, then it started, tracy got toms cock out, she bent over to suck it,then a couple of the guys moved closer, including harry, he moved over to the other side of tracy, he untied her blouse and her tits were now in full veiw, not for long, two of they guys behind jumped over the seats so they were in the next row back, they had their cocks out and had a tit each, then a couple of guys check with tom to see if he's ok with them joining in, he nods, there's now a few guys gathered around, some of them pick tracy up, her head is hanging over the seats so that one ofthe guys behind can get his cock in her mouth, her legs are spread and theres a guy on the floor and he's eating her pussy, now toms sort of moved asside a bit, now another two guys are sucking a nipple each theres hands everywhere, and tracy is geting her mouth fuched by the two guys behind, now the guy that was eating her pussy is fucking her silly, next we hear tracy shes cumming, says tom, shes trying to wank me but theres to many, she shouts go on you go join them,,harry says on you go, she'll be ok, because your new the guys will all want to fuck her, is she ok with that, tom nodded, he went and joined the other group, meantime theres about a dozen guys all taking turns at shagging tracy, her mouth, her pussy as one cock cums its replaced with another, then there are the cocks that cant wait, they wank and cum over her tits and face, her hair gets soaked as well, now the second film is half way through,tom goes back to tracy, she canhardly speak, some of the guys move away, but the couple tom was with came over along with another half a dozen guys, this time tom was helping to manouvre tracy into the positions over the chairs, the other woman joins in as well,when the lights went on there were still a lot of people arround,some stayed but most were leaving, and new arrivals were coming in, tom andtracy were asked to stay, but tracy was well fucked for now and wanted to leave. on the way home tom and tracy stopped in a couple of lay-bys for a quick shag, they both saidit was the best sex they had for a long time. maybe they will tell you about more visits to the cinema, they mite even join the site.