Written by anon

30 Jan 2015

my wife used to meet her friends in town for lunch once a month about a few hours later I was bored so put on porn and had headphones on and got horny so started banging one of time past and I never heard my lorna or her friends come in my cock solid watching porn

alice walked in looking in shock as i tried to pull my joggies up as vicky was there also

i apologised going out

months later alice called for lorna saying she was not in she said to me was i behaving not like last time she said

i asked if she never got horny she replied all the time so i said lucky man you have she replied no toy you mean asking if her husband didnt fuck enough saying if it was me id be fucking her silly she said i was being nice so i decided to try my luck saying if she was needing a hand just to call me she said she may do that replying quickly i said please do and decided to take it further saying in a cheeky way i often thought of licking her and then easing my cock up her

dont she said im getting horny and he is working away for two days i said you have seen it before she said come overif you want but i know your teasing me

i got ready and went to hers as i saw her open the door she had a short skirt on and makeup with a white blouse showing her bra entering as she closed the door i said she looked sexy and kissed her then thought in for a penny and held her kissing her passionatly our tongues exploring each others mouths then her neck saying she turned me on so much as i put my hand up rubbing her nipples which were big for her small tits taking her hand leading her to the sitting room as i sat her on the sofa removing her blouse then took all my clothes of exept my breifs then kissed her removing her bra kissing her nipples as he stood up removing her skirt as i sat her down revealing my cock and eased it to her mouth hesitant at first till i said try it darling as she took it sucking it as she rubbed my balls i was ready to cum i told her as she sucked harder taking my load

sitting me down she sat on me kissing me as i fingered her tight cunt as i eased my cock up her as she came down on it moaning