Written by anon

26 Oct 2014

I was 32 and married to ann who was at her parents for the weekend

so on saterday I went to a club in town and met lots of friends my mate john asked me to take his wife liz home as he was going to fuck a girl we knew telling liz he had to do something and as liz was scared of him said nothing

to me I always fancied liz she was 5ft 5 with long dark hair size 12 with big hips and heavy legs and great tits and as john used to tell me she was a very submissive slut for him and she loved to talk dirty having sex and get her to tell him she wanted to fuck guys they knew

he even got a random guy to fuck her for him getting her to act as if she didn't want to

on the way home I asked if she fancied a nightcap she said yes as john was away fucking and wont be home

we chatted as I said he told me about the guy he got to fuck her and she was to not want it she giggled saying she pretended not to like it

I asked who he liked to hear her say she wanted to fuck then said who did she fantasise of fucking as we got to mine she sat opposite me and I had a great view of her legs

I told her wish she wanted to fuck me as I would fuck her silly as she said does ann know I told her she did and it turned her on as I told her how I would like it saying I would kiss her as she said no and put my hand into her knickers fingering her hole telling her she was so sexy

liz looked at me saying she cant fuck me saying she had done it two times as the guys forced her at first

I kissed her as she said no but I said I would say to john she did and to relax as we kissed I put my hand into her panties feeling her very hairy pussy and fingering her till she moaned moving her hips as I said she was loving it she said yes its good telling me john told her to tease me and let me fuck her then tell him asking me did I fancy her I told her how I had wanted to fuck her for a long time saying ann knew also and got horny when I said liz pulled her top of showing her nice big tits that had huge dark nipples and kissed me saying she had wanted to fuck me so much as she got my cock out wanking it slowly she went to the loo and came back and kissed me lying on top of me as I stroked her ass she had took her pants off as she played with my cock rubbing it on her wet hole saying she wanted it as she guided it to her hole as I pushed it up her saying she was a dirty cow like ann she said fuck me moving up and down on my cock as she climaxed I took her to the room as I was fucking her holding her legs up she said to me was ann a good fuck I said yes we had not heard the door open as ann was watching us for god knows how long as liz said ann is so sexy asking me did I fuck her lots as I said yes she told me she made her horny and she did not know why I said ann was the same with her as I turned her fucking her doggy I noticed ann at the door and stopped jumping up trying to explain as she went downstairs I followed her telling liz to stay as ann asked me if I was enjoying her saying silly question she is gorgouse as I kissed ann she tried to stop as I said to her did you not like it saying she did as I rubbed her crotch she moaned as liz walked in looking for her clothes ann said to her no wonder your such a turn on liz your sexy as hell not as much a turn on as you she told her she had actually fingered herself to her I said to liz her pussy is lovely look as I lifted her skirt and was surprised she had no knickers on liz stared rubbing her clit saying god your even sexier than I imagined as ann said so are you as she moved over and kissed her they kissed each other touching and moaning as ann took her clothes of her nipples were rock hard as I said to ann you fancy her don't you oh yes she said as she laid liz on the sofa kissing her working down to her pussy then licking her clit as liz said yes lick me ann she obliged fingering her own cunt as liz told me to fuck ann as I eased up her she moaned as liz said fuck the slut hard fuck her tell him ann tell him to fuck you as I fucked her she licked on liz as she said its so good I went out and called john he said he was not far and would be at mine in 5 when I told him what was happening he said was it okay to fuck ann I told him to come in and use her as he wished when he came in he walked in saying you pair of cows telling ann to come over as he got his cock out telling her to suck it she did so as he told me he was fucking her for months and she just loved his cock looking at it I said no wonder it was big and thick with a huge head