Written by harryadny

29 May 2008

Until a week or so back it had been several years since I last managed to persuade my darling wife Cassie that she is in fact attractive enough to get into sex games with others"¦ After the birth of our last child Cassie got it into her head that she was no longer attractive enough to play naked sex games with other people"¦

This was a load of balls in truth, because she is a very attractive woman for her age and status as a mother of 3"¦ all the guys still wanted her badly"¦ However, I didn't try to push her into anything she didn't feel comfy with so we stopped playing with our friends and others"¦

I had been getting desperate to see her with other men, and enjoy a nice hot swing/swap orgy with her involved"¦

We had been swinging and playing sex games with others since before our marriage and it had become part of our life"¦ to suddenly end it all was a wrench, Cass admitted that she missed the fun times but claimed she just couldn't bring herself to do it any more"¦

This all altered during the hot spell we had a week or so back however"¦ to my amazement and great joy Cassie suddenly lost control and let herself go again, and in a big way"¦ Not just once but twice over the same weekend I saw my darling hot horny wife enjoying kinky sex with others"¦ I will just detail the first event of the weekend here and now though, otherwise this tale will be far too long winded"¦

Cassie's re-induction into kinky swing sex came about as the result of a spot of Dogging"¦Cassie never went off enjoying the kinkier side of life mentally if not physically and retained her very wicked sense of naughtiness, always up for a lark about if not the real thing"¦

It was a Friday evening that recent hot weekend when Cassie let it all go again, we had been in the local club with friends from early evening, reasonably close friends and the conversation turned to sex and fun after few drinks"¦ as it does"¦

The subject of Dogging dropped into the conversation and much mirth ensued"¦ Along with a fair amount of banter and innuendo"¦ Two of the people we were with, a younger couple in their early thirties Tracey and Malcolm, claimed to have performed sexual acts in their car in front of a watching crowd on a few occasions"¦ Of course one thing led to another"¦ as it does"¦ and someone eventually challenged them to prove it"¦ So they did"¦

To cut this story a bit shorter I'll skip too much detail of the Dogging session, but suffice to say Tracey and Malc left the club in their car, followed by 2 other vehicles"¦ Cassie and I in our car, and 2 of the other guys from our little party in the club in their car"¦ Malc led our little convoy to a picnic area on the local Downs, as we drove into the car park ours were the only vehicles there"¦It was late evening and getting dark not many picnickers about that time of day"¦

Cassie was very hyped up and excitable as we crowded around Malc's car and watched him undress his wife in the back of the vehicle"¦ Tracey insisted on being naked for the game, little show off"¦ There followed 20 minutes of sexual showmanship with Malc fucking his wife in about every position possible within a car"¦ Also in all holes including her mouth and finally her anus"¦ I give them their due, it was a very hot performance, and the watching audience thoroughly enjoyed the show"¦

After their performance Malc and Trace got dressed and drove away home immediately, they had things to see to they claimed"¦ I believe it was a touch of embarrassment to be honest, having sapped the bravado of their drink fuelled sex game with orgasm they might have felt a bit apprehensive of our true feelings towards them"¦ The other two guys in the party group, Brian and Trevor, hung about in the picnic area chatting to Cassie and I for a while"¦

Cass was a bit more flirtatious and open natured than usual, Malc and Tracey's show had wound her right up, and our chat with the guys was full of innuendo and sexual banter"¦ Cassie giggling a lot and responding with some very near the knuckle comments"¦ This flirtatious openness of my wife's soon got the attention of the 2 guys and they quickly became quite open and personal with their innuendo"¦

It got my interest too, her behaviour was akin to that when we used to swing years back, I got the impression my wife might be up for it"¦ Brian in particular was asking Cass sexually oriented questions"¦ with reference to the scene we'd all witnessed earlier in Malcolm's car Brian asked my Cassie"¦ "So, do you take it up the arse Cass?""¦

Cassie giggled and replied"¦ "Dirty sod Brian"¦ anyway that's for me to know and you to find out", followed by a sly wink then an outbreak of the giggles"¦

"˜Hmm very interesting reply' I thought"¦ My mind was stepping up a gear and my tool twitching"¦

Brian could so easily have cocked it up, he didn't catch the hint immediately and just laughed"¦ Trevor on the other hand was thinking along the same lines as me"¦ "˜This is a new flirty Cassie'"¦

It began to seem as though Cass might be in the mood, Trev chose to up the tempo a bit and keep my wife interested"¦ "Hmm"¦ love those big nipples Cass, sticking out well tonight aren't they"¦ you feeling the cold or feeling horny", he enquired with a chuckle"¦

My wife's big erect nipples were indeed very swollen and prominent in her blouse"¦ It was a very warm evening so the cold wasn't the likely cause of her erect nipples"¦

"Might be a bit of both Trev", she quipped and grinned"¦ I must add at this point that although it had long since got quite dark Brian had set up a battery lantern on the picnic bench where we were seated so we could all clearly see each other"¦ The lantern used earlier to get a better look in the back of the car at Tracey's naked body, and what Malc was doing to her"¦

"I think they need massaging Cass"¦ those lovely big tits of yours"¦ might warm you up a bit", Trev immediately replied with a wicked wink and grin"¦

"Oh yes, I think they certainly do need a good long massage", Brian chipped in, both guys now openly staring at my wife's tits in her blouse"¦

Cassie just giggled and whispered"¦ "Oh do they now""¦ I recognised that aroused whisper from years gone by, my wife was horny"¦

I reckoned it was time to up the anti, and to test Cassie's resolve"¦ slipping my arm round her neck and sliding it over her shoulder and down into the V of her open necked blouse I popped open the top button"¦ "Yes darling I think the lads are right, your tits need massaging", I whispered"¦

Cass looked into my eyes and smiled, not a hint of alarm and no attempt to stop me as I unfastened the second button"¦ Then the third and fourth buttons came undone, just one remaining button and her blouse would be wide open all down the front"¦

"Mmm naughty, naughty" she whispered as I unhitched the final button, yet again she made no attempt to stop me, or to cover herself"¦

I pulled her blouse wide open and exposed the cleavage of her big soft boobs bulging out of the top of the rather skimpy bra cups"¦ the gorgeous erect nipples forcing their imprint into the white lace material"¦

"Oh darling, you naughty man", Cass mumbled as I began to massage her tits one at a time in her bra"¦

Brian and Trev had gone very silent, wisely so, they knew that Cassie needed easing into this game gently"¦ Both knew of our past and they were aware that Cassie had been off kinky swing sex for many years, both desperately wanted her to play"¦ Often in the past these guys had indicated their admiration for my wife and their urge to perform sex acts with her"¦ Neither of them having had the pleasure of my wife before"¦

"Shall we get them out and show the guys what you've got", I whispered quietly for her ears only"¦

"If you want to", she replied"¦ "I don't mind", she added a few seconds later"¦

"Mmm I want to", I whispered as I reached round inside her blouse and unhitched the bra catch at the back"¦ "Let's show them your lovely big tits", I added as the catch released"¦

Relieved of the strain of holding back her big tits the bra sprung up and her boobs popped into full view"¦ The huge fat nipples sticking out proudly"¦

"You going to let the guys have a feel", I whispered massaging her soft yielding tits, causing Cass to moan quietly and wriggle about sensually"¦

"Mmm"¦ yes if you want them to darling", she whispered"¦

"You know I want them to sweetheart, but do you"¦ I need you to want it as well", I replied quietly"¦ "Do you want it?" I asked"¦

"Yes, I want it", she replied very quietly and leaned over kissing my face as she did so"¦

I looked at Trev and Brian"¦ Bri was seated the other side of the picnic bench table, eyes on stalks"¦ Trev was standing studying Cassie's tits and what my hand was doing to them in turn"¦

Lovely big soft yielding tits, all natural and squishy to the feel yet so upright and proud for her age, hardly any droop bless her even after 3 kids"¦

Trev was constantly comforting a very large hard lump in his jeans as he watched us, Brian too appeared to be adjusting his erect prick in its lair"¦ "Come on then guys, you both offered"¦ my wife needs a nice tit massage to warm her up some more", I urged them"¦

I got up and let Trev sit at Cassie's left side, Brian moved round the table and plonked down to the right of her"¦ Both guys together reached across in unison and began fondling and squeezing one of my wife's tits each"¦

"Oh naughty men, naughty men", Cassie moaned leaning back a little to allow both guys unrestricted access to her boobs"¦ "I love it", she whimpered"¦

"Fucking hell Cass you're fucking gorgeous", Trev mumbled as he pulled and squeezed her big soft boob, his action reminded me of kneading dough for bread making"¦

Cassie was moaning and grunting with each breath, she was becoming very aroused and horny receiving all this attention"¦ A few dirty words always helps, Cassie loves dirty talk during sex"¦

"Christ you've got a fucking hot body girl, oh man so hot"¦ lovely tits, so lovely", Brian mumbled, doing the bread making impersonation with her right boob while watching his mate work on the left lobe"¦

"I think she needs a good hard fucking lads", I croaked, my voice cracking up with anticipation and arousal"¦ "Do you Cass?"¦ do you need fucking darling, 3 big fat cocks pumped into you for an hour or so", I continued in a slightly more composed tone"¦

"Yes"¦ oh yes, I need fucking, I need fucking so badly darling", she replied immediately"¦

"Come on lads let's get her on the table, she needs it badly", I urged in my croaked voice"¦

Trev and Brian were out of their seats in seconds, Cassie was bodily lifted from her seat with all three of us having a hand or two somewhere on her person as we guided her to the edge of the picnic table and lifted her up onto the table-top"¦

I gently eased her down so she was flat out on her back, making sure her blouse was open wide and her tits fully exposed"¦ then I rolled her skirt up above her waist exposing her chunky yet shapely legs and hips"¦ A big girl is my darling Cassie, but very little flab, she's all woman"¦

With Brian and Trev unfastening their jeans in the background ready to get on her I carefully pulled Cassie's tights off of her hips and down her legs"¦ Tights are a pain to remove aren't they, I managed to ladder them as usual"¦ I should have just ripped them off and done with"¦

Trev had his jeans & pants round his ankles by this time and was alongside the table coaxing Cassie to feel his big rock hard member"¦ She obliged with very little persuasion and while I pulled her panties down her legs she began masturbating Trevor's cock with her right hand and telling him how big he is and how lovely his prick felt in her hand"¦ The first complete strangers cock she'd felt in about 9 years, that is a cock she'd not handled or had inside her before"¦

By the time I had her panties off and flung to one side she was wanking Trevor and at the same time enjoying the feel of Brian massaging her tits"¦ Bri too had his organ out and was trying to rub it against Cassie's tits but he couldn't quite get up high enough on the table to reach them"¦

"Oh God this is fucking lovely, so lovely", Cassie muttered as I parted her legs"¦

She pulled her legs up at the knees and flopped wide open on the table top"¦ Trevor trembling with excitement and the motion of Cass pulling his shaft wildly was holding the lantern up to illuminate her big hairy cunt bush for all to see"¦

Her red meaty hole was glistening wet with her excited juices and her vaginal lips swollen with arousal and ready for penetration, I slipped two fingers deep into her willing wet cunt hole and she let out a huge moan and grunt of pleasure"¦ Working my thumb about on her hairy pubic bush with my palm stimulating her erect clitoris I spent a short while working my fingers about inside her causing more moans and grunts"¦

Bri had managed to pull Cassie over to his side of the table a little more by this time and was now rubbing his hard pre-cum dribbling cock all over her tits"¦ Cass was still masturbating Trev for all she was worth"¦

"Come on then you fuckers, whose going up her first, she's gagging for it"¦ come on let's fuck her", I called out impatiently"¦

Trev snatched his cock out of her hand and waddled round to the end of the table to join me between her legs"¦ I had to smile, it's shit trying to move about with your jeans round your ankles isn't it"¦ I pulled my fingers out of her wet hole and got out of his way taking the lantern from him as I did so"¦

Between us, Brian holding her shoulders up a bit, Trev and I easing her arse off the table top, we slid Cassie to the end of the table until her arse was on the very edge"¦ The picnic tables are perfect height for sexual fun providing you haven't got short legs, which none of us had, Trev grabbed Cassie's right leg and held it up, then guided his generously proportioned prick to her wet cunt lips"¦

"Oh yes"¦ oh yes"¦ oh yes", Cassie moaned as she felt his fat purple helmet begin to penetrate her"¦

Grabbing her other leg and holding it up and wide Trev completed the movement, with one long slow thrust his long fat cock slid easily into my wife right up to the hilt"¦ only their belly's stopping it going further"¦

"Oh God I love it, you're so big", Cassie hissed as he started pumping it in and out"¦

With me holding the lantern up to see every inch of Trevor fucking my wife's cunt hole Brian and I settled in for the show one either side of the table"¦ both watching closely as Trev's tool went in and out of her cunt hole"¦

He began ramming it in hard, his shaft when visible glistening wet in the lantern light as it slid out of Cassie before being rammed back in hard and deep"¦ Faster and faster he fucked it into her, their bodies slapping together loudly each thrust"¦ Her big loose wet hole slurping and squelching as his cock went in and out"¦ Her body quivering and big soft tits flopping about wildly with the rhythm of his wild thrusting assault on her"¦

Cassie moaning and grunting with each thrust into her, muttering obscene encouragement to him, telling him to"¦ "fuck me harder, harder, fuck me harder"¦ hurt me go on hurt me"¦ fuck me all night, all night, fuck my guts out"¦ Oh God it's been so long", and words to that effect"¦

Then after about 6 or 7 minutes she let go for the first time, her legs wrapped around Trev and she pulled him in deep wailing with her orgasm as she did so"¦

"Oh yes darling oh yes cum darling cum"¦ oh sweetheart cum as many times as you can", I found myself mumbling aloud"¦

"Shit this is something else",. Brian muttered as he started working on Cassie's big tits again while Trev fucked her"¦ Cassie still gripping Trev tightly with her legs he was just jerking his fat cock about deep inside her"¦

Then he too let go with a huge grunt, his arse cheeks twitching as he pumped his load inside her"¦ He hadn't lasted long, I didn't expect him too after the evening of excitement, none of us would last very long in my wife in our pent up state"¦ Cassie relaxed her grip on him and let her legs drop"¦

As Trev allowed his softening tool to slide out of my wife, Brian was there for his turn, he was holding Cassie's left leg up as Trev moved out of the way"¦ With one movement Bri was between her legs still holding her leg up in the air with one hand he guided his cock into her wide open hole"¦ As he slid it into Cassie some of Trev's creamy semen oozed out around his shaft, what a lovely sight"¦

It was a calculated risk allowing the guys in without condoms, both Trev and Brian are married family men, their only concession to the wild side being as Dogging watchers"¦ Plus the occasional stint with a wanton woman like my wife, not the kind who put it about a lot"¦ Ok a risk all the same but that's life aint it"¦ And Cassie having been snipped and tied a few years back she wasn't able to fall pregnant"¦

Brian's stint with my wife was a re-run of Trev's, much hard and fast cock fucking, my darling Cassie came again and treated Brian to the leg vice grip"¦ Like his mate Bri only lasted about 9 or 10 minutes before unloading inside my wife's hole"¦ Too damn wound up to make it last, anyway Cass needed a rough fucking not making love to"¦

Trev took the lantern and as Brian got out of her I got straight in, God that felt so beautiful sliding it up a well-fucked loose hole again"¦ So wet with her juices and their semen, so sloppy and loose, God I love it like that"¦ The guys watched me fuck my wife's sloppy cunt for 9 or 10 minutes or so"¦ I must admit I was proud to have lasted that long the state I was in"¦ Cassie came yet again while I was in her, she can cum all night that one bless her"¦

Then just as I was feeling ready to let go I remembered something from earlier"¦ "Oh yes guys, you wanted to know something didn't you", I said"¦.

With that I let my cock slide out of her loose wet cunt, lifting her legs a bit higher and rolling her slightly to one side on the table I gently eased my cock helmet against her anal ring"¦ As soon as the sphincter felt my tool pressing against it her muscles relaxed and her anus opened to allow me to slowly slide my cock right up her arse hole"¦

"Yes she does take it up the arse", I muttered as I gently fucked my wife up the back entry"¦

5 Minutes was all I could manage in her tight anus, well tighter, she's quite loose up the back being a bit of an anal freak and loving it up that hole regularly bless her"¦ but of course nowhere near as slack as her well worn and well fucked cunt"¦ Eventually I could hold off no longer and I whipped it out and shot the lot all over her belly, I was so primed up it took several big grunts and pulses to eject the massive load"¦

That was about the end of the night's fun, Cassie and I had to make tracks homeward to relieve the babysitter"¦ Both she and I would have loved to carry on with the fun all night I think, but we just had to go"¦ We parted from the guys with Cass promising them, "you can both fuck me again any time you want boys", and left the car park"¦

Chatting about the event later Cassie was very pleased with herself for letting go and enjoying herself once again without the silly fear of being unattractive"¦ She told me that she wants to gradually get back into swing sex and orgy fun and that it will one day be as it was years back"¦ I told her I love her deeply and to take as much time as she needs"¦

More tales of debauchery to come later, involving Cassie and I, and some from way back before I met her, along with a few second hand anecdotes and stories"¦. All depends if you guys want to read them"¦.