Written by dobin

13 Aug 2014

Caravan fun continued..

After a good start to my holiday i never expected much else to happen, my opposite neighbour had now gone and what seemed drab people all along our camp row, the pool was almost always empty, school hols finished.

An English couple drew up with what looked like a damaged roof lite so as soon as they had settled I went to ask them what had happened, they had no idea of the damage and with the husband disabled I said I was happy to have a look see what can be done. The wife was much younger than her hubby, very bubbly with a descent full figure, slightly overflowing from her T shirt.

Hubby was put outside to watch and give any help he could from his view, I went into the van, and using the outside steps, climbed up under the roof-lite and started to find out what damage there was. Thankfully it looked worse than it was and could see they had driven under a low branch at some point that had done the damage. Relieved the lady asked me if I wanted a cuppa and I said it was a great idea, while I carried on doing the repair, from my lofty position I could see right down her T shirt and was caught spying... She blushed a bit and said she was used to it, but thought her view was more interesting as she stood with me up a ladder she was facing directly my shorts.

My turn to blush as the view of her tits had given my cock a jerk and was clearly showing a good erection. She made the comment that it looked big for just a viewing down her top and said she wondered what would happen if I saw them fully, she quickly lifted her top so I could now view an amazing pair of boobs, nipples clearly hard but me not in a situation to do much about it, hubby outside guiding my repair, me horny and a sexy larger beautiful lady flashing her tits. Well, she said, I have to say thank you for helping us and with one move pulled my shorts down, my cock sprang up and she bent her head down, grabbed and wanked me for a second and then took it in her mouth.

My goodness I was really stuck now, if I came down hubby would come over to see what was going on and this vixen knew exactly she had me where she wanted. Hardly able to concentrate on the job she gobbled and slurped away and sensing I was about to cum she looked at me, winked and squeezing my balls took the full load of my spunk in her mouth, carrying on as if it had not happened keeping me stiff and now very slippery from my own spunk, wanking me playing with my balls gradually slowing down, she reached into her shorts and was clearly finishing herself off, still gripping my cock until she clearly came, shuddering, gripping me painfully and then relaxing she just said..... Boy I needed that

The job complete and the roof-lite back in place and working I did finally get a cuppa and sticky kiss before hubby came in, sitting opposite with tea and biscuits I was presented with a view of her pussy, shaved, looking a little red from her action and hubby none the wiser.

Was that my good deed of the day or was there more to cum...oooops I mean come