Written by dobin

11 Aug 2014

Caravaning can be fun

Last year I took an extra long 6 week break in my caravan with my wife to France, I found an excellent site, probably the best I have been in, big plots proper roadways, a bar a restraunt swimming pool and bakery, just about all anyone coiuld need.

My wife is not at all adventurous in the sex front, so I am often looking out for some sneaky sexy fun and there was plenty of things and people to view that made the lump rise regularly in my pants.

I was lucky to have a very sexy lady in the van opposite, skimpy clothes and often walking around early still with her nighty on, one day I was at the pool with my wife when she decided to get some prep done for dinner so I stayed there, my neighbour and her hubby were also there and he very shortly aftey also went back to his van.

Just a short while after, the pool emptied for what must be their lunch break, leaving just my sexy neighbour and myself. She carefully spread oil on her body and very sexily pushed a hand inside her bra to coat her gorgeous tits with the oil giving a naughty look at me as she did, my cock jumped as I realised the show was now just for me.

She peeled the bikini top off and again massaged the oil into the fleshy large tits as my cock had now reached its peak and very obvious for her to see it and again a cheeky sexy grin gave approval. I rose and walked to the edge of the pool passing close by her as my bell end found its way over the top of my swimmers her eyes glued to it. I entered the water and a few seconds after she also came in.

Her tits were amazing in the water and she swam past my turning on her back for me to see them better, I thought sod it, why hang abaout and I swam over to her and grabbed her from behind, my hands cupping both tits as she reached behind to feel my now freed cock. She turned and kissed me and whispered one word to me… showers. She left me and went to get her towel which she draped oround her top and like a horny puppy I followed her every step, admiring her arse as we walked to the shower block.

She entered a large corner unit and left the door a little open which I saw as an invitation, entering, she was slipping off her bikini bottoms looking me in the eye as I closed the door she came to me and pulled my trunks down and off, as she was down she took the chance to grab and suck the end of my cock but only for a very short while, once again she whispered to me..”fuck me” then kissed me hard and tongued my mouth as she planted herself on the washbasin, her pussy was trimmed but with very little hair and after a short feel and finger session my cock was being directed to her open cunt without any argument.

I slipped in so easily, sun oil helped a little but her juices had soaked her hole. I didn’t rush but pumped long slow and hard thrusts bringing this sexy french lady to a massive shattering orgasm followed by pumping my cum deep inside her.

She kissed me and we showered together with lots of kisses and touches, brining me hard again for a very quick thrust and spunk session before we had to leave. This was day 2 and I had six weeks to go, I had no idea what else could happen but watch this space because it got very hot sexy and steamier than this…