Written by john001

30 Dec 2008

Has anyone else come across this yet apparently it's becoming common !

There was a very attractive woman standing at the bus stop and I was in a queue of traffic and couldn't help notice her smile I tooted my horn and she smiled even more and waved. I stopped briefly and she approached and opene the car door and said Can I have a ride and laughed. Who was I to say no. We discussed where she was going and eventually I gave her a lift to hers. I found out on the way that she was single aged 31 and lived on her own in a penthouse flat in the centre of Birmingham.

This was the invite to heaven I went in and she made drinks and returned to the living room wearing just her bra and thong. She said well aren't you going to collect your fare ? I didn't need anymore of an invite and was soon playing with her pussy and breasts. I eased her thong off and sunk my mouth onto her pussy and worked my tongue and savouring the taste of her juices. She climbed around on my and had soon stretched her lips around my cock teasing the end then full deep throat. I wasn't going to last at this rate.

I came up for air and so did she and she knelt on all fours and said 'Fuck me hard and deep' she held her cheeks open wide and it was very tempting to plunge into her ass but I thought I'd better save that !

As I entered her she put her fingers around my cock and then began playing with her pussy and she began to buck and writhe about and then after a few minutes announced she was coming and that tipped me over the edge and I spurted deep into her pussy. I slid out of her and fingered her little puckered hole and she moaned and pushed back onto my fingers I now had 2 fingers plunged deep in her ass. She moved herself back and forwards and then sighed and collapsed onto the floor.

We talked for a while after and she told me that this was something a girlfriend had told her about and she was so intrigued she thought she would try it.

Keep yours eyes peeled you never know!!!!